Friday, June 29, 2007

Lame Low

I hope that some twenty years on when I'm in my forties, cruising along/surviving in the profession hopefully in a senior position, I'll retain a normal sense of humour. Not have it warp into some dessicated alien brand that's more huh than haha. It's been my personal observation that the higher up the strata one goes, the greater the likelihood that one's sense of humour morphs into something the average man would neither comprehend nor appreciate. Or worse still, lose it entirely.

It probably has something to do with all the rarefied air up there. I want to be able to look at a piece of crappy work/research/affidavit submitted by a pupil, edit out 90% of the stuff then grin and commend him on how absolutely helpful he's been. Nothing like a few words of encouragement to spur them on to greater heights, a red hot poker not far behind to motivate them further. There are exceptions to that observation I made of course. But like all hypothesis, it remains generally true.

So it was today as we were returning from the Supreme Court in a cab after a hearing in chambers, that the head of the department (Boss) became the newest statistical number validating my observation. Nudging me he said," SC (opposing counsel - another one) said that he has three strings(arguments to bolster his case) in his bow. Well we'll reply he has no arrows. Three strings on his bow and no arrows how to shoot? Pull on them long enough and it'll become a harp!"

Whereupon he burst out laughing and said, "Ha ha ha. So funny!" Upon which my pupil master (who was seated in front) and I smiled and dutifully laughed along albeit in the heh-eh-heh-eh manner. The kind of noise you make when the joke is so lame or incomprehensible but some PC (politically correct) response has to be made regardless of how painful it might be.

In the Boss's defense though, he's basically a nice guy just a little old fashioned, rather long-winded and with a strange and painful sense of humour. Even so, when my turn comes please not let me be so lame.

In other news, bogged down with work, staying back till 10.40 PM but it's more interesting so far; largely centered around the pre-trial research, work and preparation for the upcoming trial next week. So it's been tiring, the weekend's burnt but at least it's not boring.

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noticed since you started work you seldom mention moi in your blog already?Its all abt your work...cries...