Saturday, June 16, 2007

Power Tools and Silver Studs

Today, on one of our once-in-a-blue moon Dad & Son outings, we went to catch Fantastic Four at the newly opened Cathay Cineplex at AMK Hub. Mainly due to the fact that the mother was out of town (And the house remains so quiet and peaceful) and we both wanted to catch the movie. Dad because he seldom gets to watch movies these days and me cause I'm broke and I wanted to watch it at Cathay where the seats are good and the sound system excellent as compared to the neighbourhood Eng Wah Jubilee Cinema.

AMK Hub was packed as usual and dinner was a crammed, hurried affair at the food court. The cinema was great: nice comfy seats, big cinema hall and an excellent digitalised sound system. Even though Dad was rather clueless and got the couple seats, which meant we were sitting right smack between two pairs of love birds, the position was excellent. I'm catching all my movies (if not in town) at AMK Hub's Cathay in the future, big, comfy and convenient. No more crummy theatres at bishan! Plus the crowd's similar to what one gets in town anyway, so no big deal.

Fantastic Four turned out to be enjoyable: light-weight plot but that's to be expected from your average comic blockbuster movie, loads of action plus I got to feast on more of Chris Evan's gorgeous pecs. The Silver Stud while nicely chiseled, looked just too metallic and Andro to warrant more than a couple of hard looks. Chris Evans's glorious pecs and that equally enticing package of his as emphasized by the body hugging suit proved to be just like I remembered it to be much more entertaining. More mug shots on those prized assets and that bubble butt would have been nice though, so it's not surprising that he's lusted over by many in the gay community.

Before the show though, we walked about a bit and I spotted one of my extremely few favourite heterosexual vices: the Homefix DIY shop. Alright I must confess. Every time I step into the DIY shop I always end up wanting to buy/leave with some of the numerous, handy bits of equipment and stuff they have for sale. Even though I'm not always sure I'll end up using it but the stuff always looks so cool! So maybe there's that tiny bit of the conventional guy in me, you know where DIY shops are the male equivalent of a mega sale at some reputable fashion outlet. Shopping for clothes can be fun, though that tends largely to be a I see it-I like it-Buy it-Get out of here kind of approach.

But I guess where your conventional hetero male would drool over power-tools like what Borsch power driller sets, screwdrivers, car kits and other terribly boring stuff, I find things like that automatic vacuum cleaner, air cleaners/humidifiers/ionisers, stain removers, locks and other functional, non-tool like appliances highly fascinating. I can't quite explain the allure of an electric steam mop or that of air cleaners cum ionisers (hey fresh air!) but..erm.. they're cool! Even if not terribly useful, it doesn't detract from that shiny eyed-I-wish-I had-those wonder.
Today at the tiny outlet at AMK hub, I got hooked on this.

A mini portable Ultrasonic Cleaner that cleans everything from jewellery to DVDs to watches and Coins. All that's required is a little tap water. Only for $89.90! For all that potential! And It's being sold for 30 Pounds in UK. I know, I know. I don't have much jewellery or watches to clean for that matter. But I have a shit load of old dirty coins to clean!!

Seriously, I was so tempted to swipe that and charge it to the card(well debit the campus account actually) while Dad was paying for the leather cleaner.....But I know I'll get a earful from someone. Sighs. I'll just treat it as two weeks of lunch+dinner money saved. But it's sooooo cool... and er.. useful. Siiiiigggghhhh.

Now, if only they had some Take-All-You-Want-in 5 Mins from our DIY home Improvement store contest. The first thing that's going is that Ultrasonic Cleaner, then that Panasonic Air cleaner cum ioniser, followed by the Dunno-What Brand Automatic vacumn cleaner and the........ Dammit just give me the keys to the store ^^.

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