Friday, July 23, 2010

What a week.

Coughing like a heavy smoker. The hacking debilitating kind of cough that keeps you up all night. Then get greeted by the news that Onemanga, arguably one of the most popular online reading will be following in the footsteps of Mangatoshokan and removing all its manga by next week. WTF. There's always other ways of obtaining one's fix of manga, true.

Though if the current trend of publishers pressurizing scanlation groups and manga sites to shut down continues, it'll become more and more difficult to do so in the future. RIP Onemanga.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It's been a while since I last wrote. As in really writin. Not short, vacuous observations of recent events or random ejaculatory musings. I just haven't seen the need to write or felt the urge to do so. I guess it doesn't really help that these days have been packed chock-a-block with activities, work and the propensity to agree to various impromptu arrangements.

It's certainly been an expensive, alcohol-fuelled, sex-driven couple of months. Well, perhaps less of the latter for now haha. If anything, I think certain activities temper the inclination to blog. Gaming, in all its pervasive mind-numbing allure and its seemingly innocuous ability to fritter away the hours in the blink of an eye is one such activity.

Not all such activities are equally 'distracting' (if the reduction of the urge to blog can be called a distraction that is). Take sex for example. An extremely pleasant distraction for almost any other activity (depending on the partner). Yet pleasant as it may be, it hardly has the power to distract so absolutely, so long, compared to say gaming or mahjong. Ironically, I have oft found that sex (both good and bad.. unfortunately)can greatly stimulate the creative juices or more.

Certainly, not all activities are as cheap. The recent spate of clubbing on consecutive nights highly enjoyable but imposing a hefty burden on the already none too healthy finances. And let's not even start on shopping. Though I must say the recent clubbing spree, inspired in no small part by the urge to dance to great music and the company of like-minded friends, has provided the opportunity for great entertainment as well as a good workout.

And when I say entertainment, I'm not referring to the joys of grooving to fantastic beats or booze. It's the entertainment provided by others around you, all in various stages of intoxication. Like someone barfing on some unfortunate girl replete with horrified, hysterical shrieks, drunken displays of amor or lust and the absolute fluidity & show-womanship of drags with their favourite Gaga songs. If you think I have 'no'bones' (as certain individuals from the Gang call it), you haven't seen one of them sisters.

It certainly helps that the spate of clubbing seems to have induced an uncanny sense of clarity when clubbing, an effect which persists (thankfully) after the lights come on despite the copious amounts of booze consumed. Certainly a pleasant change from previous occasions where the night becomes a blurry alcoholic haze and you awake in various stages of undress in different corners of your room with only a vague, patchy recollection of the night's events. I have yet to wake up in a strange bed beside a strange dude. And hopefully that'll never happen. haha.

I've always said that variety is the spice of life. A convenient mantra to wield, embellish and embrace as one sees fit. I should add that spontaneity and the ability to make and agree to plans made on the fly can be exhilarating indeed. But that's quite a mouthful so I'll just say if variety is the spice of life, spontaneity is its sauce. Not that I don't like my made-in-advance plans, I do. But sometimes like they say, its good to have some gravy on the side. Like now. Lol.