Monday, April 28, 2008

OpenOffice & Weddings

Tired of spending a bomb on all that expensive original software? Open source software, which is becoming increasingly sophisticated, is hassle free and surprisingly stable due in no small part to the fact that anyone can edit the source code, which contributes to its stability. And the best thing, naturally, is that it's free.

I'm a believer after having tried OpenOffice which is the free open source counterpart to the ubiquitous Microsoft Office, its pricy brother which is unfortunately neither free nor perfect. Plus, it's supported by a number of heavyweights in the IT industry like Sun Microsystems and IBM.

So rather then spending a sizeable $200+ on an authentic Microsoft Office or risking one's freedom on a bootleg version, the free, stable OpenOffice with all the similar programs was a very attractive alternative indeed. It comes with a t9 like text input which is still a little surreal but it remains a helpful little bugger.

And on an unrelated note, this delightful piece from Non Sequitur shows just why no one attends a lawyer's wedding. Well except maybe other lawyers.

Friday, April 25, 2008

最后一个大侠 1991 (Vintage SBC)

Oh my God!!!! Guess what popped up on youtube. It's that memorable vintage chinese swordfighting series back from 1991, when I was still in Primary 3. Along with the iconic slew of characters like the tranny 紫罗刹, the ice queen, a mask wearing general-turned-sect leader and their daughter with a penchant for shooting out copious amounts of toilet paper cloth yet never seems to run out of iu. And of course that silly but unforgettable theme song.

Ah the memories, of watching in wide eyed wonder, enthralled by the non-computerised special effects, mesmerized by the wickedly clawed Purple Killer fighting with the Ice Queen. Back when Chew Chor Meng was young and Zoe Tay was the only reigning queen. Enjoy.


It's probably bad enough to have to handle 17 active files of differing magnitude and constipated clients who think theirs is the only matter you have and that you spend the whole day twiddling your thumbs, at their every beck and call.

It's worse when the only family law partner is leaving and all of his/her files are being split up amongst you and another pupil. I dunno but the thought of having to counsel and deal with weepy clients over matrimonial and custodial matters isn't very comforting. Ah well, we'll see how it goes...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Conflicting Complications.

One, afraid to love yet affected by it nontheless. The other, gave it all up on a stirring of the heart but remains in stasis, unable to move on. I'm glad we talked.

In a sense, it was like the old days, some things need not be said, others readily understood. But still there were things we could not comprehend, views that remained unfathomable. But the heart is a quirky thing.

And here we are, two adults unable to really move on, like that part of us died what seemed like eons ago. One, weary of losing another person so important to him and an unwavering dedication to commitment that stands battered but intact. The other, devoid of the faintest feelings of attraction to another, who left to find himself but lost himself in the process.

Conflicting complications. How else would one explain the illogical, irrational workings of the heart, to take joy at the other's singlehood, not out of malice but a sense of relief and yet to take offence should he fall into the arms of another? To the extent where it was frankly raised and confessed that friendship is no longer an option in such a scenario.

For it was once said was it not? To hate a person you once loved because he/she loves again is proof you once loved him/her. Though that colloquial nugget of wisdom can often be readily dismissed as an anthropological observation. We hate because we cannot forget, cannot release willingly and remain embittered that the other has been able to do what we cannot. To move on.

If love is like a naked boy as Ovid once wrote, we clothed him well and brought him up. Then became clueless when he brought back the resident whore and disowned him thereafter.

And so we ended on that note, one confused, the other pensive but both thoughtful and more cognizant of the situation and underlying tensions. We might not move on yet, maybe not even in the direction we want or envisage. Baby steps baby steps for grown men stumbling towards whatever lies ahead.

On a wholly unrelated note, I've found my new favourite anime song, it's the kind that grows on you... or maybe I just like the part about breaking free to that blue blue sky...aoi aoi ano sora...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where are you now?

This is such a sad haunting song, chillingly beautiful.

And yet everytime I listen to it, it resonates within my entire being and I dissolve inside, into a sea of tears behind this stony facade.

Where are you now? Is someone there tonight, holding what was mine....

Where Are You Now? - Jimmy Harnen with Synch

All alone tonight, I'm calling out your name
Somewhere deep inside this part of you remains
Images of love take me back in time

I don't know how it started or why it ever had to end
But something stepped inside we didn't let it in
It's keeping us apart, where are you now

Where are you now? Is someone there tonight
Holding what was mine?
Where are you now? Do you wonder where I am,
Are you really feelin' fine?

Goin' through my life without you by my side
You're the only thing that keeps goin' through my mind
And nothin' that I do can take the place of you


Oooh, thinkin' about you, girl boy,
There's gotta be a place for me
Somewhere in your heart

All alone tonight, I'm calling out your name
Somewhere deep inside this part of you remains
Images of love, where are you now?


Where are you now? Is someone there tonight
Holding what was mine?
Where are you now? Do you wonder where I am,
I need you here tonight

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Say that again..

Sometimes, just sometimes, I think that peculiar archaic way in which we so often go about drafting our letters and the liberal usage of linguistic lingo detracts from our ability to converse in simple English.

We elucidate in twenty words what can be said in five and we embellish our conversations, sometimes unknowingly, to elaborate and substantiate the subject matter, because words are free and can be brandied about.

So we sometimes churn out particularly convoluted sentences, wonder why laymen don't get it and realise just how horribly strange it sounds when transposed into normal, simple English. As evidenced by an excerpt of a recent MSN conversation:

Yellow Grass: Yah, work never ends. It's like a torrential downpour of pleadings, letters and deadlines.

Zero Point: Hmm what's new. Tell me about it, 2 upcoming trials and work's a bitch. Any news about XX?

YG: Omg, that guy's fucking completely out of his mind...

YG: Wait, did I just say fucking completely?

ZP: Yep, haha new phrase. He's fucking completely out of his mind.. haha. Too much drafting eh.

YG: Argh probably. Brain fucked by work.

ZP: Lol.

So forgive us sometimes if you chance upon a conversation between two lawyers and scarcely comprehend a word. Chances are it's meant to confound, really.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cruising in peace.

You've probably encountered this before. It's late at night and you call a cab before leaving the office cause you're jolly well charging the client for whatever crap it is you needed to do for his/her file. And you're looking forward to catching a quick nap on the cab.

Then your taxi comes and the cabbie just won't shut up but persists in yakking continuously throughout the entire journey despite the blatantly obvious hints that you are not interested. It's infuriating.

It's even more so and downright vexing when the incessant verbal diahorrea consists mainly of ranting and raving against the new 'No stopping along the streets in the CBD' rule and venomous barbs about how the government and an individual in particular is "Fitting the Piigs" (his enunciation of 'feeding the pigs').

Which is his colorful metaphor for the numerous grouses he has. "Look at the cars parked at the side there! And cabs cannot stop huh! They Fitting the Piigss!" Taxi drivers like these piss me off no end. Hallo uncle, just fucking shut up and let me sleep in peace and get my money's worth. Even though the client does end up footing the $19.40 bill.

At least he finally shut up when i told him rather pointedly. "Uncle, I'm sorry I don't care. But I'm tired and I want to sleep." Whereupon he finally left me in peace. You'd have to be an absolute retard not to get that.

Trial today was amusing as usual, chock a block with amusing sound bites from the Judge as was expected. I don't remember seeing a witness squirm that visibly before.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Greased Geass.

The favourite subbers who did the first season of Code Geass have resurrected the group for the second season. (Remember orange kun?) Which was a pleasant surprise since Menclave/ Conclave-mendoi are not known for their speed.

And true enough the subbed first episode of Code Geass R2 is out, just in time to go with them donuts. ^^ Woot.

Sad to say but the JCo donuts beat the ones from Donut Factory hands down.

Code Geass R2 episode 1 (subbed)

Online Videos by

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 Episode 1 (Raw)

It's out!!!

We always wanted to know what happened after Season 1 ended with that nail biting cliff hanger scene of Lelouch (Lulu) and Suzaku, two former bosum buddies, facing off with guns levelled at each other's heads. And the triggers being pulled back ever so slowly as they yell in hoarse frustration, tears streaming down their faces.

Well, thankfully neither died and this Season promises to be just as exciting if not better. There's like something for every anime fan, mecha transformer like units for the geeks and techie boys, lots of svelte females and an inordinate amount of cleavage for the average male hentai anime fan, soulful, angsty yet broodingly attractive males for the female fans and lots of angst, gore and drama for the drama mama lovers like me.

Seriously, this is one of the few series I'll probably buy the DVD for when it comes out.

Ok now back to preparing the stupid cross-ex questions. sighhh