Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sean says.

I'm sure most of you know about that stupid game, Simon Says, where a person says "Simon Says pull your left ear" and everyone has to pull his/her left ear, etc, etc. It's a game that's almost inevitably used as an 'ice-breaker' due to the sheer lack of preparation needed and the ability to make people do retarded things in the spirit of 'getting to know you better.' I say it's stupid because attempting to be an excellent listener and executing the most ridiculous sort of actions perfectly, simply cements one's status as an excellent peon.

Plus obeying commands from an unknown entity called Simon is neither logical nor appealing. Unless Simon happens to be a cute, hot, toned guy and Says ," Let's Fuck." Then I'll do as Simon Says. But when the Boyfriend says something, it needs to be addressed, quickly, even if I don't always agree with it.

So ok la, I haven't been mentioning him much in the past few posts which have been by and far largely work related. But dear, I'm pretty sure you do not wanted to be lumped together with lawyers with a lame sense of humour or in a post bemoaning the drudgery of work. Plus you know, the fact that I haven't been talking about the two of us doesn't mean I've forgotten about you.

We're still the same, glad to have each other for company, maybe a little more time together would be nice but on the brighter side of things, we save more money and have less time to argue about stupid things. Like why I went to watch transformers. (Ha ha kiddin). The conversation's the same, the company still appreciated, sex remains great. Alright, I won't mind more of the latter and I'm talking about the full course kind, work feeds the sex-drive more and you know my penchant for anal sex.

But basically, all I'm saying is that whatever I feel for you is not dependent on the number of times I mention you/us on the blog la you kotek and I know you know that too. So I'll just put that comment down to you having had a little too much to drink during that Villa Bali sojourn with Gerard and Gavin. ^^

I'm of course not blameless and Sean has said I'm becoming a workaholic, which I'm not, trust me. But when there are a multitude of things to be done within a tight span of time especially during this pre-trial period, staying-back late and burning the weekend is inevitable. So no point complaining about that right? :)

Even though I do space out sometimes, like earlier while on the phone with him while waiting for the cab I just called, I told Sean I'd call him back cause I needed to call my Dad to ask him to iron my work wear for tomorrow. Then the cab came and I got off the phone with my dad. And I clean forgot about returning the call; my mind instead filled with thoughts about the necessary documents/ authorities preparation before tomorrow's trial, additional issues for the research topic, necessary books to bring along, what time I had to haul myself out of bed in order to reach office by 7.40 AM, etc.

It was only when he called some 10 mins later as I was reaching home that I suddenly remembered I was supposed to return the call. He was understandably vocal in the loud but not pissed way when I told him I'd clean forgotten about returning his call. But I plead fatigue, after all staying back late for 4 days in a row and having my entire weekend burnt does exact a toll.

Still it's something I'll have to get used to, at least the pattern is discernible now. Relatively easygoing on normal days and really hectic/busy during the pre-trial and trial period. The DPP knows why I'm not complaining, that much. As for you dear, I'm still the same, maybe just in greater need of some recharging via my very favourite activity a-la-full course action. :)

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BazbOi said...

You are still as cute dear...dun worry i understand that you r in tremendous stress and wan to get loose from where you just started...we will walk this journey together and you will always have my support no matter how tough it can get.Love you