Friday, June 1, 2007

Day 1..

And I survived. Rather shag (tired) and glad that the weekend is here but still alive. Even though I got thrown into the deep end at the very beginning. Having to research and draft an agreement with liability exclusion and Force Majeure clauses for a company that provides 'Ship Purging' services (Don't ask. I'm too tired.) while the other three female pupils in my department get to do stuff like sit in for 30 mins video conference calls or cut and paste labels onto envelopes is not my idea of fun. I rather settle for boring but less demanding tasks. Like sticking labels onto envelopes.

In other news, more great tidings. Pupilage will be back to back with the Practical Law Course which means no break, nothing, not even a chance to get sick for more than a couple of days till the middle of next year. Something to do with the date one gets called to the Bar. So no Japan trip nothing. Bah.

Ah well now to reward myself with a couple of episodes of Inuyasha, and I'll call it a night. Even though it's only 11.50pm. Sad life of a salary worker.

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