Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Call of the Wild

Come away you said. Let's run away, far away from all our troubles. The forest will be our sanctuary, the cool creek our solace. We shall never be for want, You and I, I'll jig through the starry night while you elucubrate a merry song. To be insouciant and carefree, sprites of nature dancing in the silvery moonlight. Heed the call of the wild, you urge, and all your sorrows will fade away.

A mischievous grin you give, teasing yet jocund. The jovial tinkle of golden bells with the wave of your hand in stark contrast to your reconditeness. I feel the overwhelming urge to abandon everything and follow this tiny leprechaun if only to see how it would go. But normality returns and the spell is broken. Fantasy will always be fantasy, a fugacious escape from reality, to which the sane must always return.

Politely I decline and you sag momentarily. But indomitable creature that you are, you give a cheeky wink and a knowing nod. Remember nature's call you say, before disappearing in a blink, leaving me amidst dust, remembering the call of the wild.

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