Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Swim Swam Swamped.

So the record for time of departure from work has been pushed back yet again, this time by another 30 mins to 8 PM. And the sacrosanct position of the First Commandment of Surviving Pupilage appears increasingly untenable. But what are Commandments for if not to be broken? (I'm just comforting myself) So along the way one picks up random pieces of information like how the central air-conditioning stops, with a faint yet discernible whir, at 7.45 PM or how secretaries (those that stay back) become increasingly animated and chatty as the minutes tick by.

As predicted in the earlier post, more work presented itself. Once again exponentially. This other partner is a nice chap, amicable and sociable but thoroughly professional. As in he gives work with a beam and cheerful disposition better suited on a Santa Claus dishing out sweets to little tykes. I should know. That's how he gave out the 'zap 98 affidavits' job.

So he called me into his office today, told me to have a seat and talked a bit about how I was finding Liti like, why I chose liti, my Alma mater, etc. Then he asked," Are you free now? Would you like to help out in the XXX case? We're going to trial at the High Court in a couple of weeks for a week and it'll be a really good experience for you." And as anyone with any cow sense knows, you can't say No when a partner asks for your help, short of being swamped. Which I wasn't, yet. Hence pursuant to the Second Rule of Surviving Pupilage 101, I agreed with a smile.

The first task, updating the Chronology of events from the middle of last year till the current period appeared to be manageable. Until I realised it entailed having to plow through files of correspondences, originating summons cause papers and the criminal revision cause papers files. And the XXX case has an entire room and 2 cupboards devoted to the files and documents with a total of 4 people working on it: 1 SC, 1 senior partner, 2 Associates. So I have 12 ring binder files on my desk now, excluding the three other ring binder files and 4 cause papers files for two other cases that I've resorted to dumping on the floor as the former 12 are promising to be a safety hazard.

Informing the pupil master that I needed to attend the client's meeting for that XXX case tomorrow afternoon, he gave a start and looked at me, "What they asked you to help out in that complex case? That's really throwing you into the deep end of the pool." Thanks. You know you're swamped when your Pupil Master tells you not to take on too much and to inform him if you have too much work. Though he did add at the end that a certain affidavit needed to be embarked upon quickly due to yet another upcoming deadline.

So as of now, I have a Chronology to finish by 9.30 am tomorrow, Court hearing in the morning, Client's meeting for xxx in the afternoon, Client's meeting for yyy the following morning, 2 affidavits to finish, another Summons and as of yet unspecified work for the XXX case.

On the brighter side of things, it is a big case and if anything the week in the Supreme Court should be entertaining if not informative, plus the Pupil Master is treating the liti pupils and a couple of other Associates to a liquid lunch at Brewerkz on Friday. Beer hopefully but not more than 2 pints. Work beckons. Sighs.

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