Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And so it ends..with a whimper.

I really wanted to talk about the Jap trip which incidentally was lovely but ever since I've returned I've been so tired. And the colossal amount of work which has to be done over a short span of the next few days (ie: new year) isn't exactly helping.

My new year resolution's set, now to get moving. If only I can. Bloody tired.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Festivities & Holidays

So the festive season is upon us again, the time to make merry, enjoy the company of friends, lovers and family, blow a bunch of moola on merry making and gifts for friends & family. You can sense the festive mood, in the air you breathe, the glitzy kitsch of christmas-sy decor, the purposeful strut of shoppers thronging the malls, all intent on getting the best bargains & gifts.

Yet for yours truly, with each passing year the festive mood diminishes. I still partake in the festivities, merry making, money spending & gift shopping but the bright-eyed wonder and exuberant excitement just isn't there anymore. At most, a few fleeting sparks of excitement randomly surface closer to the actual date when the mood becomes almost infectious. The keyword being almost.

But I guess that's the price you pay for the loss of innocence and the inexorable onset of jadedness that inevitably accompanies knowledge. Though I guess it'd probably help somewhat if one's in love and has an other half to share one's life with. Singlehood has its pros and cons. Though there are times (like now) when you feel the cons more.

Festive seasons are often synonymous with holidays. This year has been no exception. Thanks to the highly enjoyable and relaxed work trip to Hanoi last week, almost the entire month of December will be spent out of the office. Of course with an upcoming trial the week after New Year, I'll pay for it when I return on the 29th but you know what they say, enjoy first, suffer later. Not the wisest principle to adhere to but a damn convenient one if I may say so.

It's a little hard to believe that just last week at this time, I was still at Hanoi Intercontinental Westlake, lazing at the pool with the ex PM on a cool and sunny afternoon. Now I'm surrounded by swathes of clothes, remnants of the shopping spree at Uniqlo and unpacked toiletries and electronics. A veritable mess, the typical scene of packing in progress, aelgtoer style. You would have thought with all that practice at packing last week, packing for Japan would have been a breeze. Unfortunately, any form of packing is a chore. I'm the kind who packs slow but unpacks really fast. Still have 6 more hours to pack though. Twiddles thumbs.

On an unrelated note, I'm glad I've finished the perfunctory Christmas shopping as well as the coming-of-age birthday present for JL. Feeling rather pleased and accomplished after completing the Deck a Quek project. Lol. Happy Birthday babe! I know you'll love the present. You better! hahaha