Thursday, September 9, 2010

Your Soul is Mine!

Heroes of Newerth continues to be just as attractive and riveting as it was when I first started. Perhaps even more so now that I'm familiar with the usual favourite heroes and pwning others (subject to idiotic team mates, noobs and/or an utter lack of team work) is so much easier.

The current favourite remains the aptly named Soul Reaper (Necrolyte in Dota) that insidious four legged portent of doom (though I still prefer the necromancer form of Dota's Necrolyte). The allure? The ability to aoe heal/damage at the same time while slowly killing enemies who just happen to be in his presence by virtue of his aura. It's actually quite amusing to have heroes chase/ run from him, then die just because they've spent one second too many in his presence.

The main attraction though really has to be his ultimate. It's sinister enough, summoning a grim reaper spirit that deals instant damage with its scythe to the targeted hero up to 0.9 times of the damage the hero has taken so far, with an additional 1.5 seconds stun. But what makes it truly orgasmic is the disembodied shout, 'Your Soul is Mine!' that is broadcast to all the players when you kill that hapless sod with his ultimate. Without a doubt the coolest ultimate in the game.

Nothing better to rub in the ignominy of defeat than by gloating to everyone that the dead hero's soul is his. Pwned by a four legged insectoid looking freak that summoned a spirit which lopped off your head with a scythe? Yeah you should be ashamed. But it really doesn't matter because he's coming back for more.

Your Soul is Mine!!! Mwhahaha.

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