Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Work Wear Tear

I've been bogged down with work. From a nice one research task due sometime tomorrow/Friday, I suddenly found myself offloaded with more stuff to do with a tight timeline in the space of a few hours. 2 pieces of admin crap which is basically tedious data entry for the massive en-bloc sales projects and 2 more research tasks to do, one promising to be a veritable monster with the added promise of more work 'coming right up'. If there's one thing I detest more than loads of work, it's tight deadlines. There's a reason why it's 'dead' not date; don't have it ready by that date and you're dead.

And I got hauled off to court to boot. Not that I'm complaining about that bit, it provided a welcome relief from the hectic office environment plus on the bright side, affording me the opportunity to escape from any potential work that would very likely have come my way. And trust me, they seem to like to find me at my seat. Only the girl sitting near the corridor has it worse. The con is of course that you have less time to rush the stuff you already have but it's a small price to pay IMO. Still the court trip was fun if not a little hot (bloody suits in the afternoon) and rather informative cause the lawyer I went with explained a lot of stuff and procedures and even gave a brief tour of the place.

Other than work, the whole work wear concept hasn't been very fun either. When briefed on proper attire the other day, the Partner delighted in informing us that 'Pupils in the Litigation Department should simply wear White and Black to work all the time. After all you never know when some one wants to bring you to court.' And then he looked at me in my conspicuously non-White deep maroon shirt. 'Ya like that cannot go to court eh.'

Which thereafter entailed a quick trip after work to the nearest G2000 shop and having to rack up slightly more than 100 bucks for another 4 White long sleeved shirts to supplement the one lonely piece hanging in the cupboard. So 4 years after last wearing uniform, I'm back in it. White and Black, 5 days a week, 365 days a year. Well until the middle of next year. So much for staying modern and fashionable in the workplace. How fashionable can White and Black be?

'Oh look! Today my shirt is striped!'
''Can you see? Here here!"
''Where? Wasn't there stripes on your shirt yesterday?''
"Those were vertical. Today's is at a cool angle of 45' to the right!'
Right.... And let's not even have to go into the issue of ties, which I just discovered to my utmost horror upon gentle prompting by my pupil master, have to be worn in the Liti department all the time.

As the week goes on, we wear.. and tear a little. 2 more days to Saturday and oh such woefully short rest.

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