Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Waited

I waited.
Breath bated.
For a bait.
A bed.
Feelings that fail to abate. 
Only exacerbate.
I waited.
In vain.

Friday, June 27, 2014


It has been a while. Revisiting the blog is like looking back fondly on a dusty diary.  Snap shots of thoughts, emotions and events captured in individual entries. For some, a reflection of events even further back in time.

Memories otherwise obscured or confined to the deep dark depths of subconsciousness. Silent and forgotten until roused from the brief intrusion of rememberance, they rise to the surface before slipping back to slumbler beneath the dark placid waters.

One feels almost apologetic.  An intruder in a graveyard of memories. But in what manner? As if to remember, reminisce or observe would somehow tarnish the clarity of the memories themselves. The greatest injury being the inadvertent distortion of such memories, events and emotions. That by their frequent recollection,  they become subtly but inexorably corrupted in their disturbed retrieval, oxidising in the corrosive air of current perception. A minor embellishment,  a harmless omission and the indefagible force of imperfect rememberance.

There is much to commend about the purity of memories preserved. Crystal and clear. But memories perfectly preserved are those perfectly forgotten, irretrievable at will and only discovered by chance. Fossils in the sands of time. And what joy brings buried treasure when the map is lost and the treasure forgotten?

Better a quiet and unobtrusive rememberance.  To recall and reflect then to leave with thanks.

The memories themselves are unassuming and care not if one remembers or not. The past has no patience for the presence. It need not for the present has no place in the past. They exist independent of one's desire to reflect, regret or respect.

So it shall be with the memories enshrined herein. Visited, remembered and perhaps once in a while a new event encapsulated.

Absence is not a cause for regret.