Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pleased as Punch.

Well alright, despite supposed to be having spent the whole day studying for the upcoming Finals just a week away. I ended up spending the larger part of the day tinkering with the blog, switching the background (cause someone said it was way too distracting ^^) and more importantly after hours of finding a suitable host site, I spent the rest of the evening/night fooling around with three playlist sites before finally settling with Project Playlist.

I wasn't that bored, just that Project Playlist was down for quite a while due to maintainence and after an hour of tinkering with MYsplayer I realised to my horror that the dumb thing doesn't recognise MP3 files... only mp3 files. And re-editing and uploading the files into Archive again was too much of a hassle not to mention time consuming.

WebJay looked really promising, unlike the other two, Window Media Files could be uploaded too and the editing/linking interface was pretty user-friendly. The end product however was really buggy, firstly .wma files can't be played with the embedded sfx player and secondly for some archaic reason, the code/play list would work fine sometimes (ie: load and play properly) when pasted into the Blogger interface but other times it'd just get stuck and never play. By that time, Project Playlist was up and a test run of the code/player thankfully worked without a glitch, plus the colour customization was a welcome change... after hours of uploading and slogging through the different players, I wasn't really in the mood for mix and matching a suitable colour template. Tweaking the width and height of the player though was still necessary but easy. All those hours spent previously tweaking the blog width paid off after all.

My only gripe I have I guess is why the hell don't they have an embedded player that plays .wma?? There's this song by Jay Chou and Fei Yu Ching that I really like (now) called 千里之外, but the bloody thing's in .wma format and I can't convert it to mp3 no matter what I use. I suspect it's encrypted. If anyone has 千里之外 in MP3 format, do let me know!!! As for hosting files, I recommend Archive, which might be a real pain to start with (just remember no spaces between different words allowed, use _ to bridge the gaps and NO special characters,', etc), I spent a good 35 mins wondering why the hell I couldn't upload into the ftp before I realised just how restrictive the naming rules were. ><.

But other than that, it's a public site, a self-proclaimed Internet library with access to all sorts of info yada yada, still a good site, just make sure you watch what you upload. I know to most of you this is already probably child's play and you're going 'WTF!!? This twerp doesn't even know this?' Well yes I'm sorry I didn't and just as recently as January when I first started this blog on a whim, the whole HTML code thing was still technical jargon to me. So just indulge me this much eh. I might have started out really late, considering my age too (shame, lol) but it's always better late than never!

Now to start studying... really. Before I flunk or start panicking on Friday or something. I'll still try to finish Darkness Rising during one of the numerous bouts of boredom I foresee afflicting me throughout this week.


Anonymous said...

Must you put songs to your blog??Worried that you will get into trouble with shld know better...won't remind you again..

Aelgtoer said...

it is legal la. Go read the terms and agreement, you can't download the songs. They're just streamed so ideally everyone will be motivated to haul ass and go buy em.