Sunday, April 8, 2007

Animated Air-con Antics and assorted annecdotes.

Because in a way,this is what the entry is all about, a convenient excuse to stuff disjointed mish mash into a single entry. And cause it's a whole lot more interesting than 'Random Ramblings.' Which isn't really random to begin with; just three wholly unrelated topics. So there.

It's been a year since I cleaned out my air-conditioner filters. They're the terribly low-tech, little more than plastic sieves kind, not those new fangled silver ion, apple-wood, bacteria busting types that the one eyed monster never fails to trumpet about these days. And given that I hardly turn on the air-con (once or twice a week counts as hardly IMO), cleaning the filters was never very high up on my list of priorities. In fact, I would say it was pretty non-existent given the horrible inertia that inevitably gripped me when it was time for the weekly, utterly basic, Clean-The-Room routine.

Which could be put off for up to a month, with the numerous dust balls dancing round like dervishes, colliding to form bigger, meaner brethren. And a sojourn across the dusty wasteland that is the bedroom floor leaving one with blackened feet. Cleaning up is usually necessitated by an incessant bout of sneezing and a horrendous cold, the body's very pointed reminder that the threshold of dust tolerance has been breached. So today was one of those occasions, plus I'd put off changing the fish tank water for 5 weeks now, 6 weeks would have made that toxic cesspool a bio-hazard.

So on a whim, I decided to vacuum out the filters too and the sight that greeted me when I pulled them out was truly shocking. Even for one as accustomed to dancing dervishes dust balls at one's feet as I was. The dust or rather thickly matted grey filth on the filters looked like some malevolent alien fungi. It was so bad.. I spent a good 10 mins using the vacuum cleaner to scrub that shit out and by the time I was done the vacuum cleaner couldn't even suck up a piece of paper. Which meant my dad had the wonderfully dirty job of disposing of the old dust bag and inserting the new one. I resolve to clean the filters twice a year now. Half the filth should be manageable.

D Gray Man Episode 26 is finally out, four days after the usual release date though they can't be blamed as episode 26 starts the second part of D Gray Man with new opening (OP) and ending (ED) songs/animation. Speaking of which, the OP song really sucks and I don't think it's the kind that grows on you either. The ED song though is a whole lot better. Episode 26 sees the return of General Yeegar, that chain swinging old hippie for more swashbuckling chain-tastic fun.

"Hyaaah! Your bullets are useless!"

Seriously, there's something nice about old men swinging chains and wrecking merry destruction. Well alright, not really old men, just swinging chains and wrecking destruction. I mean you see so many hack/slash/stab super sword types it gets so boring and something new and different (not guns... they're just as bad. I make an exception for Tres the hot machine dude in Trinity Blood. Say "Positive." baby! ) is really refreshing. Something like Lena Lee's dark boots and Lavi's hammer though the old man's chains beats them all. He took out a whole cohort of level 1 akumas and 2 level 2 Akumas in a scene that looked way too easy. How cool are chains that get to split up into multiple missiles?

"Come no closer! I've got bombs!"

Even though he looks a little weird all wrapped up in those um.. chains. But still..did I mention how cool they were? Er.. I think i did. Well enough about chains. Sadly,an Old Man in...with Chains is no match for a Girl with an Umbrella and a Man with a Top Hat. He is old after all.

Too much time in the sun.

Getting trussed up during a fight is no good.

Easter Sunday.
For some reason, all the non-christian friends kept wishing me Good Friday and Happy Easter like it's some momentous joyous occasion that I should be devoutly observing. Right, and when was the last time I went to church of my own accord eh guys? Like what 10 years ago? The only observation I've made over the weekend is that 1.) anime episodes seldom get subbed on time while you're waiting. & 2.) Alvin has siblings who wake up at 3am to download 'stuff' while we're attempting to rule the world.
In other news, my dad is up for re-election for the board of trustees on the Church board again at the upcoming AGM. Which means pretty soon I'm going to start hearing the same crap from well-meaning members of the church. "Your dad's been with the church for so long ( I guess, being a member since 1968 makes him around for longer than the senior pastor...) and serving the Lord so faithfully too! So.. when are you going to start attending cell group?" (IE: With a father like that, how come you're like this?) A plastic I-am-SO-bored smile and a vivid imagination (stab stab stab) are skills well honed from the slaughter house that is the After Church Crowd.
And to end, another precious nugget of wisdom from the pastor in an attempt at Shakespearean eloquence no doubt, " Worldly pleasures like riches of the world and sex doth not a man make."
Maybe, but it sure makes a man happy. And I can live with that.

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