Thursday, April 12, 2007

Making do.

I am sick of having the same old ham sandwich: two slices of bread unbuttered with butterhead lettuce, a slice of honey baked ham and a single slice of cheese for lunch for two weeks in a row. There's nothing really edible left in the fridge except for eggs, more bread, cheese and a lot of frozen meat and prawns in the freezer. And cooking for one person (ie: me, cuz no one's around in the day, or for the best part of the evening either) is a real hassle. It's not so much the cooking part, more the preparation and cleaning up that really sucks.
However two weeks of having to survive on the same old ham sandwich for breakfast/lunch (since it's almost noon by the time I get up) till dinner which is usually about eight means a perpetual hunger and that constant fantasy about something substantial. Preferably a thick slab of juicy steak. Which of course remains a fantasy. There isn't a food outlet within what 10 kilometers of this veritable Jungle I stay in, let alone a decent steak place.
Today though was the last straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. A sudden supper (not snack) attack at 1 am in the morning despite a rather 'filling' dinner at the Boyfriend's place was a really bad sign. I say 'filling' because sadly his mom didn't cook any meat.. just fishballs and bits of mincemeat and egg.. oh and fish but we all know that's not meat. It was nice just not erm filling. Didn't help that CS on msn kept talking about supper too. So there we were, two starving sods talking about food, he with his nissin cup noodles and frozen sausages and me with absolutely nothing instant. Till it got to the extent I was almost salivating.
"I think I have a frozen eel(unagi) somewhere in the freezer." (me - 2 am)
"Rich kid. Nissin cup noodles for me, with some sausages to go." (CS)
"It's from NTUC (supermarket). I think they'll think I'm crazy if I go downstairs now and cook rice now eh."
"I'll think you're crazy too."
So we ended up drinking loads of water instead and annihilating pesky tanks/planes/troops/buildings in our almost nightly session of Zero Hour till Alvin's Grand Plan of Revenge was foiled by a 'Data Mismatch' error that ended our attempts at world domination at 5 am.
Lunch was necessitated by the urgent growling of a neglected stomach sometime around noon. Which meant a determined ransacking of cupboards and fridge alike for something decent to go with the noodles. The end result, a hodgepodge of assorted (ie: available) ingredients stir-fried and combined separately to give a hugely satisfying if a little unusual result.

Boiled Koka fat free noodles & mixed veggies tossed with sesame oil and dark soya sauce, combined with stir-fried grated carrot, prawns in worchester sauce, leftover butterhead lettuce and pine nuts; topped with a fried egg, yolk nicely smashed. Stir-fried Chepa Lang Noodles.

What I find is what you get. Though this one turned out really well.

The meat craving finally got satisfied at dinner with Sean at Waraku, that incredibly nice and value for money restaurant that serves authentic and tasty Japanese cruisine. Which is really hard to find these days with all the garbage numerous outlets attempt to pass off for authentic Japanese fare. Plus it's cheaper than Kuriya. As usual the Tonkatsu set there is oishii(delicious), one of the few places that does it well. Light and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with lots of oomph to every bite.

That and the standard fare of 2 Asahi 'super dry' beers which as usual are really smooth plus good conversation made for an extremely pleasant evening. Even if we didn't quite have the time nor stomach space for dessert at Menotti as originally planned.

Looking forward to more Asahi after the study session tomorrow. Yum.

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