Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Statcounter is a little gem. Other than the usual provision of code that shows the plethora of numbers and hits on the webpage, I only realised recently that it provided a whole lot more information about visitors than simple page hits. Stuff like the visitors' countries, IP addresses, visit lengths, even keyword activities are readily accessible with a few clicks. Which can be really scary I guess just how much information (even if not personal) one can leave behind just by surfing the web. Still statcounter does provide some entertainment value in between the bouts of studying and surfing.

I've realised that search engines seem to direct queries about a certain subject/keyword to blog entries that happen to have/ mention such phrases. Which can be incredibly useful to the querier sometimes when you hit jackpot at exactly what you've been looking for. Most of the time though, it usually ends up a huge disappointment or something totally irrelevant. Which also means that if you're evil and bored enough to put things like HOT SEX and NAKED CHICKS with HUNG STUDS and BIG T#Ts into your entry and sprinkle these terms liberally throughout, you'll theoretically speaking, get a larger number of page hits from horny porn seekers only to be rudely disappointed. Add FREE PICS and you have yourself a winner. Lol.

So it isn't really surprising that the majority of keywords center around 'Yaoi Scanlations' and other assorted anime and song titles I've mentioned in this blog. Panorama by Masaaki Fujioka seems to be really popular, not that I'm surprised though, it's one hell of a nice song, I've placed it on number 5 of this blog's Playlist. Some of the keywords/queries that got directed over by google are really weird though. Like the one from Italy which had the query "Mixed Vegetables with Manga sauce." Which is seriously mind boogling. Mixed vegetables served with shredded Japanese comics (Manga) pulpified to form some kind of sauce (?) is not something you'll find in any cookbook/recipe anywhere soon.

But the prize probably has to go to the very very disturbed person in Denmark who got directed here after typing in a query for CASTRATED PICS. I have no idea what kind of allure there is in beholding bloody images of removed penises but there you go, you get all types. And no I never mentioned a single word of castration in this entire blog, certainly not castrated pics. Though ironically google directed that sad sod to an entry with a very white-pasty faced photo of the Sister who had put on too much make-up (as usual), where I commented that her white face would have done a Geisha proud. How that translates to Castrated pics, I have no idea. Google was probably working overtime just to come up with something.

On to happier stuff, my all time favourite Yaoi series from Yamada Yugi, Saigo no Door wo Shimero! (Close the last Door- volume 1 licensed and released in USA by June Manga), has finally been animated and Act 1 has been released!!!

As usual the chinese subbers are insanely fast at subbing and have the chinese sub version out just a week after the Japanese one was released. The Chinese subbed version can be found at darklightshine's LJ over here. If you can't understand Chinese, you'll just have to wait to see if Aarinfantasy picks it up. Though if you have the English version of the manga (which is available in the US and worldwide), following the short anime won't be a problem since it's based off Book 1.
Scanlations for the yaoi manga Into your Heart through the Door, the second book in the series, just after Close the Last Door volume 1 and before Close the Last Door volume 2 may be found at Eastern Blue.

And to end off a relatively eventful day both online as well as off, I finally managed to get hold of the mp3 version of 千里之外 sung by Jay Chou and Fei Yu Ching. Which means that it is now uploaded on the Playlist and the first song (for now) is not Calvin Klein by Byl or whatever the player shows (the player can't recognize non-english characters) but is, yes you guess it, 千里之外. You might not be able to understand the chinese lyrics but don't bother really, it's the tune that moves me more anyway. Especially when that old evergreen Fei Yu Ching sings, even though I'm not a fan of any of his other songs, that man has a mellifluous voice.

In other news, I'll be offline for two days. The granny's place doesn't have wireless and some self-imposed studying is very much needed. Plus I'll be well-fed there. Yum. :)

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