Sunday, April 1, 2007

Anime annecdotes.

Recently, the Boyfriend has run out of things to occupy himself with during the weekend and complains about being bored so instead of allowing him to simply rot in front of the one eyed monster (which he displays an amazing aptitude for), I've sought to find something to entertain him since yours truly is unable to do so. Activities that read out like a checklist and were swiftly dismissed.

me: "Exercise?"
him: "One hour max, how long can it last.."
"Hang out with friends?"
"Already do. Expensive to go out every weekend too.."
"Read manga?"
" I don't like reading my books on a computer screen.."
"Fussy... Sex?"
" If you'll come over...sure."
" I was kidding, you know I can't. Maybe you should just help little old ladies cross the street."
"Hmmm, how about anime then?"
" I don't mind if you'll upload it into the HDD."

So that was how I got him started on anime, or at least attempted to, which on hindsight is not too different from rotting in front of the one eyed monster, especially after we went to get his S video cable which hooks the laptop up with his TV. On the bright side, at least he'll be watching a lot less of those disgusting mushy korean weepy soap dramas that he watches for all the wrong reasons anyway (ie: changing the channels during dinner before announcing I tell you this guy is so cute ). Today he finally got down to watching some of the anime I uploaded for him after clearing work he brought back from the office. His sms didn't look too encouraging so I called him after I was done with the report.

"So how was it?"
"Tokyo Babylon was soooo boring. There was no sex at all!"
"What?! You mean you want to watch anime for that reason?"
" I thought there'd be sex. Don't tell me X/1999 is like that too."
" Well yes.. there's definitely no sex or even kissing scenes in X. But it's not that kind of anime and it's really nice anyway, you should watch it."
"You really shouldn't watching anime for that reason anyway, I mean if you want, there's always XXX and YYY which I uploaded for you too but those are only oneshots anyway not series."
" I was so bored the whole show waiting for the sex scene."
" That's all you were looking for? Don't worry you won't be bored when I entertain you on Tuesday."

Whereupon he started laughing uncontrollably and all I could make out was something along the lines of me treating sex as entertainment or perhaps the the other way round. So I have a hentai (へんたい) boyfriend, not that it matters though. At least I've started him on the slippery slope of anime (not hentai/yaoi). Ho ho.


Anonymous said...

Mi looking for aj themed anime larz...not juz sex scenes. Blah

Aelgtoer said...

Bad enough! Fussy now want AJ themed anime! You want yaoi la you. Tut Tut.