Friday, March 2, 2007

Hickeys - More please.

Hickeys. Yes, well we all know what they are. Long, deep, hard kisses that involve prolonged suction on the skin which leave 'ugly'(subjective- you usually find it highly sexy on your significant other) red marks aka bruises. Giving and receiving hickeys are marks of posession and love that also serve to function as excellent foreplay. Nothing like roaming about your lover's entire body with your mouth, planting deep kisses which declare: "You're mine!".

Though naturally, one should be considerate even in the heat of the moment and avoid planting hickeys in highly visible places that would draw unwanted attention. Unless you enjoy conversations like: "Eh, what's this? A hickey?" "Er no la, the shampoo bottle fell and hit my neck while bathing." Right... That means no neck and arms. Though from a practical perspective leaving a hickey on the arms is really hard, ie: Just doesn't stay on.

I usually find the chest an excellent place to start with and once you begin, it's really hard to stop. ^^It's hard for us to meet up these days with his work, my assignments and all. But when we do..

Unfortunately some people tend to be relatively immune to hickeys for a variety of reasons, I happen to be one. And no matter how hard he tries, all that appears is a faint red mark that fades to nothing within a couple of minutes. So it's either his technique, which I doubt, or just the fact that I don't bruise easily. Or as Sean said," You've got too few blood vessels or your skin is very thick." ><.

It's a blessing and a curse at the same time I guess, getting to enjoy it without the need to suffer(well not really?). I'll just have to content myself with branding him. Heh heh.

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