Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Walking in the Rain.

Today was a wet day. Pouring from the early afternoon all the way till about nine plus at night. The perfect weather for sleeping but weather that was not reflective of my mood. The mixed euphoria, relief and slightly drained feelings still residual from the emotional rollercoaster ride the night before buoyed with the knowledge that I'd be seeing him again later.

Trudging to school in that downpour, I only realised later while walking out after class, to my consternation that the rickety blue umbrella was leaking. The constant stream of droplets landing on my head, an inreffutable indicator that the umbrella with broken, rickety spines could be recycled no longer. So after meeting Sean at Bugis Mrt, I resolutely informed him that I needed to get an umbrella first before we walked to the DSC clinic at Kelantan Lane. "What's wrong with that?" He pointed at the soaked blue umbrella. " It leaks." "Oh."

Sadly for some weird reason, the only kind of portable umbrella on sale in Watson's were techni-coloured polka dotted ones. But beggars cannot be choosers. So I chose the most neutral colour: Polka dotted Beige (relatively -When contrasted with barbie pink, neon green and a most ghastly shade of dirty purple).
"You sure you want to throw this away?" Sean said wagging the blue umbrella.
"Try opening it and see for yourself."
"Ok..It's all wet inside..."
"Stupid thing was leaking and dripping on my head."

We walked to DSC clinic for the $20 HIV anonymous testing because it was what he requested and I wanted- a necessary thing to finally lay to rest the exhumed ghosts of the past. Staffed by other AJs (gays), testing and the counselling (which was fast for me- cuz it was my second test, longer for the poor boy who had to sit through a lecture about unprotected sex) was relatively fast, about 15 mins and we were finished with the results and all. Negative for both, of course.

We decided to walk to the Mustafa area of Little India for dinner and to take the NorthEast line up to Sengkang from Farrer Park station. Walking in the rain, Sean holding that beige polka dotted umbrella, arm around my shoulder, body snug close to his, past those back lanes, the small shops stocked with their garish wares, loud hindi music blasting from the store fronted with plastic music CDs; that moment was pure bliss. Walking in the rain, just the two of us.

We stopped for a very gratifying and filling dinner at Anada Bhavan Vegetarian restaurant (at one of its more modern 'express food' style outlets in Little India) just one road down from Mustafa. Cheap and Good. $6 for the South Indian set that I tell you comes chock full with so much stuff you don't know where to begin. So you do what the Indians do, mix everything up into a messy mush that looks disgusting but is incredibly tasty and eat. As Sean commented, imagine if all the Tiffin carriers contained meat instead of vegetables and the various vege curries /curd/ pickles.
"I think I'd throw up halfway through." I grimace.
"Hmm, ya I think I would too. This thing is already filling enough as it is."

Took some pics, cause I still remember the first time I sat down to a meal like that back in Primary six, that wide-eyed wonder as I thought to myself 'That's HUGE! And they have this everyday?'. And I could hardly finish half. These days I can finish it all, barely if I'm starving. Today I left a bit behind, but it was immensely satisfying.

Ok I was bored while waiting (it took only 5 mins for the food to be ready though). 'Badges' of honour covering the pinpricks and the AfA (Action for Aids) $20 cash only receipt.

Kyaaa! Just look at that monster. Alright don't ask me the names, I don't know what 70% of that is except that everything is vegetarian. 14 kinds of side dishes including the two pastes, a mountain of steaming white rice and delightfully purple pickles. Sweet white Lassi (yoghurt drink) in the background. Sean took the same set cuz they were out of Briyani. SIX bucks.

Now to mix and mash it all up. Disgusting but positively Yummy. Not fully mixed but you get my drift. And I swear this is the first time I've ever eaten something so purple (that wasn't some sweet, Jam or confectionary). Mixing can be a form of art too, you get the different colours of course, white, yellow, red, green, purple and when mixed well, the ensuing taste is really different, a blend that is really indescripable: savoury, spicy, sour with a tinge of sweetness.
Dropping me off later, we kissed and Sean slipped a cheque into my hand.
"Thanks so much for being with me, here's a little something." He whispered.
"What? You don't need to give me anything for being with you. I always wanted to." And I tried to slip it into his pocket.
"No, of course not it's not that, just a little thank you from the bonus. Use it to save up for the grad trip."
"Oh alright, thank you." Another kiss and he drives off.

Later on I get the Text: 'Don't get me wrong I'm not paying you to be my bf or anything k. Just to share with you what I got from last year.'
I know dummy, I was just teasing you. Hugs. Thank you. For everything and especially that walk in the rain. With you, just the two of us.

'I'm hooked on a feeling, I'm high on believing that you're in love with me.' -Hooked on a Feeling /BJ Thomas

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