Monday, March 26, 2007


Alright before my lesbian friends kill me, let me say that this tongue-in-cheek comic strip shouldn't be viewed as painting lesbians as being superficial or money-grabbers, etc. Not at all. Rather it's a cheeky look at an aspect of human nature that afflicts everyone regardless of sexual orientation: the willingness and ability to sacrifice certain 'Treasured' principles/'ideals' in exchange for some perceived pragmatic benefit, of which money is undoubtedly a major factor.

That said, the comic artist chose 'lesbians' as the subject of his/her strip though I'd really consider them to be opportunistic Bi-sexual girls. This chameleonic ability to change or rather sleep with members of either sex the unique purview of bisexuals (the ability not that they all do). I can't imagine sleeping with a rich, gorgeous (in the typical hetero sense) sugar mummy for the life of me, unless sleeping literally means just sleeping. Whatever.

I took this strip from my younger cousin's blog. She's a precocious, wild one albeit turning out to be a lively, cute girl who keeps asking me for phone numbers of cute male schoolmates during the annual Chinese New Year lunch. But she could be Bi for all I know, I won't be surprised. And it seems like not too long ago that my cousin and I were chasing her round that old, dirty circular fountain in front of Toa Payoh Library. Time flies.

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