Sunday, March 11, 2007


After two hours, I'm really pleased with the current revamp. (Again.) The old layout was starting to look too plain and tacky, plus it's amazing how much HTML code one is forced to tweak around with just to get things appearing correctly and not in some ghastly mess or worse still, not at all. The addition, lack of a ; all that's needed to screw things up and i still find it mysterious how the common english language seems so arcane in such a setting.

But I'm learning more and getting slightly better. Boredom works wonders for picking up new things, anything except work-- which often strikes at the eleventh hour whipping one up into a frenzied rush. So I revamped this blog from top to toe, header, background, footer (Kusatta love!), everything except the text font colour and the width of the blog entry space which was sufficiently tweaked a week ago. And the gorgeous art is taken from Maiden Rose done by Fusanosuke Inariya that has just been licensed by Drama Queen which means I'll be able to get my grubby hands on it... eventually ^^.

I hate prez mate products. Right, sue me if you will but come on, a made in singapore portable 250 GB hard disk that doesn't work the very FIRST time it's used? Like come on man have some fucking standard. And tinkering around with it wasted the greater part of yesterday, then just when I was about to give up, viola, the hard disk was suddenly recognised by the laptop. And after disconnecting it, it never did again which drove me mad as I spent the other half of the day trying to figure out just what was wrong. No, it isn't the laptop's problem, the desktop doesn't recognise it either.

So I'll have to skip Law and Soci and bring it down to Sim Lim tomorrow and wait at least a week for a replacement. Great. Though I do need to go down and get Norton Internet Security and Norton systemworks for Sean too because guess what, the Kapersky Anti virus stuff that sleazy salesman loudly advocated to him can't be installed with Vista. Lol. So much for 'si beh hoh' ah, uncle. CB.

At least I have a nicely revamped blog to tinker around with and he has his laptop to play around with.

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