Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Today was a mixed day, with a lot more ups than downs though.

I can't sleep before 2 am, haven't been able to for ages. My bio-clock's already fused to this unearthly sleeping hour, where the Night air seems to invigorate rather than placate and embracing the night is a daily/nightly affair. Which naturally means I'm not a morning person. Most of the time, morning's almost, if not already, gone by the time I get up.

Today got off to a bad start. Having gotten to bed around 3.40ish, I kind of expected to get up around 11 plus- twelve-ish. And got rudely awakened around 9.15 am by the bitch neighbour across the road belting out '忘不Liao..忘不Liao' at the top of her voice. The song of the same title originally sung by that Taiwanese crooner (Can't remember his name but I know cause the last time I sat in Aileen's car, she had that in her CD player). Plus an assortment of other ancient Chinese croony melodies. Which meant having to get out of bed and shutting the windows. While the muffled yodelling could still be heard, it was.. bearable, mostly.

The rest of the day was a lot better though. Obsession released one of the translated complete works, Mizu Nurumu by Yamada Yugi!, I did for them in its final scanlated version for their 'Independence Day.' Along with the summary I provided, the release brought great satisfaction, to finally see your work incorporated and the final product, immensely gratifying. And to top that off, they released 5 chapters of Hitomi no Ounowa vol 2 that was just published in Japan last December (Pic under Aelgtoer). Really love that couple pairing cause they're so realistic and believable which is more than what you can say for many Yaoi mangas.

Mizu Nurumu (Complete)! Downloads are at this Obsession forum page. Need to be registered though.

I also rediscovered a very old, 'private' blog last night/early this morning that I started on a whim 1.5 years ago and gave up promptly cause I found it difficult to customize the template then. Decided to re tweak it on a whim again and ended up spending 5 hours revamping that blog and widening the blog entry space for this one, which was a major headache in terms of tweaking pixels, uploading new gif files and font sizes. Little Black Book was originally conceived as a 'private' blog, not so much as the black notebook where the misdeeds and actions of offending fools are judiciously recorded but more as a private sanctuary where personal opinions and things of personal interest could be expressed freely without the need for censure.

Things and my perception have changed since then. A blog should be a place where one may express ones opinions freely without the need to conform to expected social norms. Gah that last bit sounded like the socio crap but you get my drift. Hence that 'private' element doesn't hold weight anymore. Little Black Book's layout is more serious (relatively) than this blog but I'm not going to categorise the two blogs as being for 'serious' and 'normal-other' entries respectively. Doing so means having to constrain myself to entering entries to the blogs based on pre-set categories which really defeats the whole purpose of having a blog in the first place. I'll upload what I want, where I want to.

That said, I'm a lazy person and Aelgtoer will continue to remain as the main blog( the one I update regularly). Most of you, if not all, who read this blog should already know who I am, having followed over from the shitty previous blog, so Little Black Book shouldn't be a surprise. Again if you for any reason are offended by the subject matter, I couldn't care less, don't like it don't read it. But we all know curiosity is a cruel master.

And to end the day, ONE more IPT session with the actual IPPT test this Thursday and I'll be free from the spectre of IPPT and RT till November. Plus the unexpected but pleasant opportunity to meet Sean on Thursday when I thought I'd have to do a week without him. No more Mr Hand and his five sons. Ah bliss.

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