Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The little things.

We argue about the most ridiculous things, petty little things like where to go for dinner, watching TV the whole day when Mr X said he had a lot of garbage/work to clear up the night before, unfathomable reluctance to see a doctor when ill, etc. Then we end up laughing about the stupidity of it all and making veiled 'threats' of punishments to be meted out. There is something about Instant Messaging over MSN, some element of callousness coupled with the very nature of its instantaneous exchange that allows one to fire off messages that can both annoy or frustrate. Even the lack of a perceived timely response to one's query can awaken those first twangs of annoyance, (ie: "Oi, it's been 5 mins since I asked you XXX and you still haven't responded, surfing porn ah?" "No lah, checking email." "......").

Last night was no exception, after sending me two screenshots of the bus and hotel booking dates/time for confirmation, stuff I thought we'd confirmed a week before (but it's alright you know, cause better to confirm since Sean doesn't trust his memory), I thought we could simply start chit chatting. Then he sent me a third screenshot.

Me: What's this for?
Him : Seating plan for the bus.
Me: Aiyo, can't you decide for that? You don't have to ask me for this kind of stuff. (* a trifle annoyed*)
Him: Well they're all three seats in a row. Hurry up and look at it, there's a time limit.
Me: It's two seats, aisle and a single seat. Not three seats in a row. I don't need to decide on everything do I?
Him: I've never sat on this bus before. Where do you want to seat?
Me: Fine, sit right at the back.
Him: Don't want.
Me:........... (@#$%)
Me: That's where I sat the last two times for both trips.
Him: Oh, ok do you want to seat there then?
Me: No. Take the two seats two rows from the back. Make it three.
Him: What seat numbers?? Why don't you just look at it???
Me:... fine.
Me : 7B 7C
Him: You sure 7? Not 8?
Me: No. (@#@$#%$@^$^$#^#$!)
Me: 7 means 7.
Him: But that's four rows from the back.
Me: Look you asked me to choose the seats right? 7B and 7C. Not 8. 7.

So by this time I was more than a trifle annoyed and I logged off to tinker with msconfig for no apparent reason. 10 mins later I logged back on, that familial aftermath setting in.

Him: Where did you go?
Me: Went off to do something. (ie: really nothing at all)
Him: Ok I booked it.
Me: Any more screenshots of stuff you want to confirm you'd like to send?
Me: Arg. It's so frustrating sometimes, I wish I could just reach across and slap you. Then hug you.
Him: Right, I want to throttle you and make love to you.
Me: Ha ha, we feel the same way again I see. You'll be seeing me tomorrow.
Him: Yah, can't wait.

It's true, they say the little things play an understated but important role in a relationship and shouldn't be neglected. But don't let it detract your focus on what really matters, the two of you. Besides a little zest spices things up, just a little mind you. And in the end, what is life if you cannot love?

N/B: The only reason why I wrote about this is cuz the Boyfriend was very insistent.


Anonymous said...

haha you make it sound like i m so unreasonable...but anyways you know where i am coming from right?Muacks...sometimes through this small little things you get to know a person better but too much of it will only make the r/s unhealthy...

Aelgtoer said...

Yes of course i do, silly. Don't need to analyse it so much. ^^