Thursday, March 15, 2007

Organics, anyone?

It's strange, the past two hair cuts I went for at QB, which mind you can actually cut decently for 10 bucks (ie layered is really layered and not some haphazard high slope), both hairstylists seemed a little too obsessed with my hair and made the exact same remark at the end of the hair cut.

The first, a funky auntie with a spiky hair-do swept her hands through my hair a couple of times and commented your hair texture is really good you know that? Nice and soft. "Oh is it? Thanks." I mean what else do you say to that. The second a plump guy ruffled my hair and commented," Hmm your hair's really good, nice and soft. What do you do?"
"Er.. I condition it everyday?" I ventured, vaguely disturbed.
"Everyday? It's rare to find guys who condition their hair daily or who even condition at all."
"Er.. Is it? Guess so.."

Not that it really matters, they cut well, which is a lot more than I can say for some $10 quick cut saloons. A little bit of hair fetish and ruffling is nothing. Though I don't like my hair that much, much too thick and I can't ever keep it beyond neck length with long sides and fringe like those nice jap haircut looks. All hell breaks loose when I attempt to do so, hairstyling akin to taming an unruly beast and my hair a veritable unholy mess after a nap.

Besides, the only one I'd want ruffling my hair at anytime is that overworked grumpy man who has been giving one liner frustrated sighs and curses about the numerous compatability problems various programs are having with Windows Vista on his new laptop over the phone the past few nights.
"What's wrong now dear?" [me]
20 second Silence.
"Helllo" [Me]
"Wait..#@ I'm trying to install this thing..."[Him]
"Can still talk to me while doing it what. Like I'm talking to a wall." [me]
SIIIIIgggghhh [him]
Another 20 second silence.
"Hmmm what's going on now?" [me]
"When I play my files on XXX all I get is a white screen..."
Gloom... #$%

So hopefully, we'll get most of his problems worked out later. After the important stuff of course. And if you want "Soft, nice, well textured hair" and the possibility of having your hair ruffled through by the QB hair stylists at Sengkang Festival Point, try conditioning your hair with Organics conditioner everyday. ^^

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