Thursday, February 22, 2007

The week in pictures.

Because they say a picture says a thousand words. Well actually it's cuz I'm lazy plus pictures make up for the otherwise incoherent flow of events. Grins.

Sunday. Chinese New Year.
Had to get up for a disgustingly early combined service at what 8.30 am? ><. Sister stepped out all decked out, with a face so white, a geisha would have been proud. ( of the colour). "How is it? Too much foundation?" She queried. "Way way too much (anyone could have told you that.)" "Take a photo and show me!"
Presenting the White Faced Bride. (Still waiting for her groom.)

Monday. Before St James Power station.
A cascade of luminous orbs, red and gold, raining down from above. Pan Pacific Hotel. Like some vastly magnified molecular structure. Very eye-catching, very long, very CNY.

Wednesday. Accident aftermath.
Spot what's missing? Gash in the side, side windows scratched, right side mirror ripped off. Mother had an accident with a motorcyclist in the morning. And at the very same spot she always screams about when I drive. Rolls eyes. Her response? "Better me than you and you know you really must watch out for traffic....."
Tunes out. Yes I know. Looks at car. Looks at her. Sighs.

Today. Rumpled bedsheets.
Erm.. rather self-explanatory. Sean came over, a few soujourns in bed, forgot to shut the windows. Poor bed. Well not really.

Today. Simple Lunch : Free & Good.
Cooked lunch again. Yaki Udon (fried udon : Mincemeat seasoned with light soya sauce, oyster sauce, worchester sauce, sesame oil & pepper, mixed vegetables, lettuce, egg, scallops, pine nuts, Black soya sauce, sesame oil, Udon.) , Miso soup and Ginseng tea. Ittadakimasu!
Having him clear out the sink strainer (I cook, you wash.) was like threatening to castrate him. ><. No, we are not getting a sink grinder.

Today. Dinner.
Sultan Kebab at Peace Center. Look at that shapely 'Beef Roll'! Slim, juicy, tasty with lots of lettuce and not messy. 5 bucks for this hot roll that alas disappears all too quickly.

Today. Dessert Hut.
Just next door, splendid traditional desserts at a decent price. I took the glutinous rice ball with black sesame paste, he took his mango sago. Both $2.50 and equally delectable, though I still think mine's better and more worth it. Ha ha, 3 Rice Balls and Zhi Ma Hu to boot! Woot!

Today. Zhi Ma Hu with Tang Yuan (Glutinous rice balls.) close up.
Soft, slightly chewy with loads of tasty fragrant peanut paste inside. And their Zhi Ma Hu is still the best I've eaten (In Singapore), smooth, good texture and excellent taste. That's something I'll never tire of.
There's a very nice outlet in Hong Kong that serves top notch desserts, though for the incredible Egg white milk custard, the one in Macau is still unbeatable.
And to end the day on a high note, Sean's sis finally delivered a baby boy via C-section and they decided to visit her on Friday instead which meant he didn't need to rush off after dinner as he thought he had to. That guy's really eagle eyed too, walking to city hall to get my swatch battery changed and coffee at TCC, we stopped to sit for a bit at the traffic light before NAFA as he was on the phone.
Apparently he always scans the ground and so he noticed that crumpled looking ang pow lying on the ground. Gesturing furiously at me, it was obvious he wanted me to pick it up, which I refused to do so, assuming it was probably empty. Probably some jerk who took out the money and threw the wrapper on the ground. Gesticulating insistently, he glared at me, reaching down to pick it up and tossing it at me. With a sigh I prepared to tear it apart and chastise him for being such a bloody cheapo.
Picking it up, it didn't feel empty, so heart quickening I opened it gingerly and was thrilled when I saw some blue. "Fifty" I instantly thought. "And more than one at that." Easing it out, yielded two crisp folded 50 bucks notes. "Gack $100!!" By then he had gotten off the phone.
"See I told you to pick it up right? Got money don't want to listen. One old man who walked past just now kept eyeing the ang pow that's why I was nudging you so hard."
"Oh... very sharp huh you."
Then he stretched out his hand and I handed it over.
"I found it first, and you didn't want to pick it up." came the matter of fact statement.
Which was undoubtedly true, though he did catch my side glance at the flash of blue.
"Hah! You're still looking at it so longingly!" He accuses.
"What! I'm not! It's yours."
"Nah, keep it." And he hands it over.
"No, you take it." I hand it back.
"Just keep it now and go deposit it later. That poor idiot who dropped it might come back looking for it."
"Ah good point... Well we'll use this for dinner sometime."
"Hmmm." He grunts.
"Or maybe offset the cost of completing the Kizuna manga series." I venture teasingly.
"Manga your head! You better not spend it on that."
"Alright, alright." I threw my arm around his shoulder as we cross the street.
Mmm, nice way to start the new year.
PS: Congrats on the raise and 6 month bonus dear, guess that angpow was really worth it lol:)

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