Saturday, February 10, 2007


Reading stuff like this never fails to make my eyes glaze over and succumb to the overwhelming urge to just drop that piece of incomprehensible garbage and do anything else. And to think I'll need to plow through things like this in the future..

" As Professor Wells has put it, the effect of imposing Corporate Structures on human interactions is to make '2 +2 =5' : it is in the surplus that we find the quintessence of corporateness. A common way of asserting the reality of the additional substance is to make the ontological claim that the world is not exclusively a natural place but contains non-natural items such as souls..."

The Attribution of Culpability to Limited Companies - G Sullivan, 53 Cambridge Law Journal, (Nov 1996) at 532.

And there we have it, legalistic theory, metaphysical sociology and a tad of advanced Maths, all in two sentences. Plowing through this crap to squeeze out 800 words of relatively coherent prose is a weekly uphill task. Rolls eyes.

Now to reward myself with the next volume of Kusatta Ky├┤shi No Houtei Shiki(Bad Teacher's equation) which is an extremely hilarious series done by mangaka Kodaka Kazuma of Kizuna fame. Mm..

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