Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sweat, sex & soya milk

Going for IPT ( that voluntary physical training program so as to be exempted from the dreaded RT) after bouts of passion and having only Soya milk and that tiny cheese pancake from Mr Bean for dinner was on hindsight not a good idea.

But I was out of time and to make matters worse, they conducted a trial IPPT to ascertain our fitness level which was obviously very crappy. By the time I was on the third round of the 2.4km run, my legs felt like putty and even though it wasn't hard to motivate oneself to run ( just by passing all those walkers), the urge to just give up was very great. Not that it really mattered much in the end, clocked a miserable 13.02 mins... and I was the third at that. LOL. And yes I still can't jump for nuts.

On the bright side, I managed a almost decent 4 for pull-ups (yaay) and the next two sessions for the New Year week will be blocked off and regarded as part of the training schedule, which means 6 sessions instead of 8. Which is really not bad compared to a 20 session full RT. ><. This kind of stuff is usually more fun if you've someone to train/suffer together with, though that boy got himself downgraded to Pes C sometime during his fucking lobo stint in the Air Force --> some chopper rotory blade hitting his leg or something which looks and functions perfectly fine to me. All these bloody fit guys always getting PES C when the unfit ones (aka me) deserve it more.. So annoying.

Still the day was fun albeit really tiring, service at Prego was impeccable if not a tiny bit too intrusive, though of course Sean still had something to say about crinkled tablecloths and the 'caraven of murmurs' that distracted him so. Fussy Birthday Boy ^^.

Now I'm contemplating whether to go for tutorial tomorrow.... such a utter bore. And that 5000 word essay still needs to be done. Ah well, I'll probably go.

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