Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I am drowning, drowning in your love. I do not regret the impulsive decision to meet you at St James’ power station which was as huge as the now defunct Sparkz. My first visit there, as was yours not that it mattered, it had been ages since we last went clubbing, those Centro era days a hazy memory. Ages, and the thought of lazing about in the sis’s pre booked swissotel rooms unbearable with you so nearby. So I went off after catching Ghost Rider with the family on the pretext of coffee with campmates -the oft brandished excuse. Short as it may be, time with you is always precious. Keeping our hands off each other was hard but I was pleasantly surprised in the club, the intensity with which you gripped me left me breathless and incapacitated. Immobile in that maelstrom of passion. Lost in your embrace, everything else fading to insignificant nothingness, the display of affection private and blind. Set free from the shackles of driving, you seemed wild even exuberant, ordering drinks with a vengeance that shocked even the alcohol hardened me.

Having bought a splendid (as always) Asahi at 7 Eleven before hurrying off to meet you at St James Power Station (where the queue was horrendous and entailed a great deal of shoulder tapping, excuse mes and squeezing before getting to you in the front) because a little 'apertif' is always better (both as a warm-up and on the pocket), you gave me that quizzical look of yours. “What drinking again? We better dispose of this before we get in.”
“I was thirsty!”
And you grinned while that not very cute friend of yours (Yongmin right?) smiled and tried to strike up the usual conversation which naturally had to be entertained.
Someone then proceeded to drink like a fish or rather order alcohol like a hard core wino. Let me see how did it go, I had a crappy Tiger(bloody House pour didnt include Heineken><), you had a Bourbon Coke, we proceeded to Gin Tonic each then a jug of Vodka Lime which as usual tasted more of lime than vodka though the vodka was really at the bottom and finally a Jug of Gin Tonic which was kick ass though I’d only expected a glass but that alcohol happy boy was on auto now. Grinning and groping which was a great turn on and I eagerly devoured you while you rocked happily to the music and declared chirpily: 'I’m really really high now you know.'

“I know my alcohol tolerance has always been higher than yours and I’m really high now, you must be quite drunk now. You absolutely must not order anything more after this OK, promise me, I have to leave soon.”
“Mmm.. ok.”
And you grinned, bopping happily on the seat, grinding your bum against my groin and planted a nice sloppy french kiss. But you really made me worry and even in the cab I wasn’t at ease, having to contact you and make you pass the phone to Gavin who kindly agreed to look after you ( declaring that you couldn't even stand properly on your own two feet—and you had conveniently wandered out to meet them you dodo!) Even so I’m really glad I went and seeing you again after that short hiatus sent shivers up my spine. That quiet joy. I almost feel sorry for your friend.

Anyhow this is the last time you’ll ever drink like that when I’m not around to the end. Lost in your embrace. Hugs.

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