Monday, February 5, 2007


Ta-Dah! Got my grubby hands on Aiteru Door Kara Shitsurei Shimasuyo - Into Your Heart Through the Door!

At long last... a small new scanlation community,Eastern Blue, deciding to pick up and scanlate the remaining two books in the Close the Last Door series which I'd kinda resigned myself to not ever getting to read due to June Manga's inability to track down the production materials. Well, well and what do you know, the scanlating community is efficient indeed.

And for free at that. (Though if they ever publish it i'll probably just get it--> just for this series.) If the blurb for this book is accurate, this will probably be the first genuine incest yaoi manga ><. Hmm but I'm more interested in Honda Kenzou and Nagai Atsushi and this book is still a necessary bridge to that.

Without further ado, Ittadakimasu!

Coming up....

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