Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Round and Round - An Ode.

My fish tend to die this time of the year during the finals. It's like a death anniversary of some sort. First the widespread decimation of the cichlids in 2004, then the giant suckerfish's death in april 2005, followed by dear old Oscar in April 2006 and now the last Goldfish of the entire collection of about 12 Ranchus if I recollect correctly finally gave up the ghost after outlasting its brethren for a good length of time. Dropsy, a disease that often results in swelling and the pine cone like appearance of fish with their scales sticking out, the cause of death.

I gave it a couple of treatments in the Bucket of Doom which alas wasn't of much use, I suspect the internal organs had already failed. Still goldy lasted a good 4 years and it's a good time to say goodbye. There's something about the fish and exams. They always die during the finals, it's like they're stressed that their owner isn't. Well well, so in the mean time, two little cory catfishes remain the sole inhabitants of a decidedly forlorn looking tank. And as an ode to goldy, here's a poem I wrote exactly two years before Oscar died.

Round and Round

On and On, they danced in circles.

Concentric and geometric patterns appearing on the dusty floor.

Dustballs whirling in merry accompaniment to their frenetic rhythm, yet they continue oblivious to all but the dance.

Do you see them now?

Spinning like frenzied Dervishes, their clothes a whirling, they sweep across the floor, enraptured, enamoured.

Oscar goes dizzy watching, he pirouettes admirably and crashes against the glass wall, dazed and resigned.

Yet onward they spin, round and round, lost in circles, these little pixies of mine.


Bazboi said...

Poor boy...

Aelgtoer said...

More like poor goldy lol. No more witnesses to our bedroom antics!!!