Monday, May 28, 2007

3 More Days to the Rat Race.

Yep. Three more miserable gone-all-too-soon days before I become an official member of the rat race. And in terms of hierarchy, Pupils at the law firms rank somewhere behind your Pantry Auntie and Toilet Cleaner, probably just a step above the errant cockroach or two. Which is a really big comfort. Really. Ah well, henceforth begins the days of 9-9.

It's strange how four years fly by so fast. All those semesters of slacking off, WoW, skipping classes, three months holidays with the bi-annual cram fest just 1 week away from the exams. And I get a second lower to show for it, which is fine with me though I'm sure if I was a hardcore mugger, Upper wouldn't have been a problem. Still the entire 'University Experience' has to be by far the slackest and correspondingly most enjoyable (in some ways) chapter of my education thus far.

I've been pretty slack on the yaoi manga front lately especially with regards to the translating bit. The short break taken for the May finals proved to be pretty fatal to the urge to continue translating numerous chapters of yaoi manga in a few days. Translation soon slowed from one chapter every two days to one chapter per week then one per fortnight, then one per month. And right now, it's pretty much dead. With three days left, I'm hardly inclined to jump start anything.

Besides, like Sean scoffed in the beginning, "You're crazy. Why are you so into (translating) when you're not even paid for it?" Simply because I had the urge to do so at that time, felt like doing it and so I did it. But when things stop being enjoyable, the desire to undertake that activity evaporates and inertia rapidly sets in. After all, a slacker like me can't sustain periods of hard work without any material benefits in exchange. And translating while enjoyable then was hard work. Still, I'll probably finish up my last few projects for Bliss. To Obsession, I've probably disappeared off the face of this earth.

The past few days have also been bogged down by admin shit. God knows why signing up for pupillage and PLC has to be such a hassle - all the forms/delayed dates/ having to re hand in certain forms at the end of June, with the added need to settle uni matters too. Still, joining the rat race is the start of a new chapter and brings me one step closer to that goal of moving out and moving in together with Sean.

3 more days of blessed bliss. 3 More days to finish the remaining 67 episodes of Inuyasha. DragonballZ will have to wait.

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