Friday, May 4, 2007


Alright, I was about 75% through with typing out a rather impassioned entry about prejudiced people with fixed mindsets making shoddy, seriously flawed arguments about the perceived trend towards decriminalising homosexual acts between two consenting males in Singapore (a long overdue development imo - See the article , Decriminalising homosexual acts would be an error .) when the Boyfriend accidentally turned off the power supply to the laptop. And since I hadn't saved a draft, everything basically went kaput. So yeah, the thought of retyping everything all over again is basically too unappealing, plus I'm having a sore throat so I'll just call it a night.

I want my Egg Mc Muffin breakfast value meal before boarding the aeroline bus tomorrow..


savante said...

YOu read yaoi! That's great! Suggest some good ones for me!

Aelgtoer said...

5 days without internet access but I'm back.:) Lol yes I do read yaoi. Another gay yaoi reader? What a gem! The range for yaoi is really wide and it's up to a person's personal preference ultimately.
I'd suggest Saigo no door wo shimero! (Close the last door) by Yamada Yugi, Play boy Blues by Shiuko Kano & Undergrand Hotel by Sadahiro Miko for starters.
You can check out my yaoi/anime guide under the same category for more info. Enjoy la.