Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Unholy Trinity.

Alright so I haven't been posting much, it's hard to when all the available time is split between three very demanding and addictive activities. I've started playing Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction again after like what 3 years? for the fun of it and mainly cuz the cheapo aunt's new comp is a very bare bones model without a dedicated video card. So while I'm glad I saved my old single player character files, playing Necrosis my level 81 Necromancer with his army of 14 Revived monsters, 12 Skeletal Mages, 4-5 Skeletal warriors and 1 Fire Golem often means a little lag fest while battling hordes of demons in the depths of hell.

Fast foward to Vemyra, my lvl 83 Assassin decked out in the Natalya's Odium set, a couple of nifty rings and the beloved Chaos runeword claw equipped in offhand. She doesn't have a mini army, so lag is largely solved though the tricky part was getting used to the playing style which involves a lot more hotkey tabbing and timing than the Necro style which is basically Curse, Poison Nova, Raise Mage, Revive, more novas, revive,revive revive. All the while spamming bone spear on the left click button. You basically overwhelm the enemy through sheer numbers and a lot of Poison Novas and Lower Resist cursing. An interesting spectacle but not one that's very kind on shitty comps. Even if this is a 6 year old game.

Anyhow, playing Vemyra proved to be very enjoyable, something about all those shifty, shadowy powers and the very spectacular scenes after finishing off the Phoenix Strike charge ups plus u get to mix up to three different charge up skills and unleash them in a dazzling display of destruction if you're quick enough and there's still something around for you to whack. And as they say all good things come in threes, well not really but her three lesbian companions dish out the damage fast enough to make the Revived look like wimps. Plus with the exception of Elly the rogue, the other two can be summoned in a moment's notice. Talk about instant gratification.

So 6 hours later I completed the rest of Act 4 and 5. Baal wasn't too thrilled to see the Shadow Sisters.

Valkyries normally aren't pally with Assassins. But in Vemyra's case it's that skimpy attire of hers that proved to be too great an attraction. I'm still partial to the shadow master, it's like having another Vemyra on auto. Old games can still be addictive once in a while.

The other major bulk of my time is taken up with anime watching and frantic downloading of the 167 episodes of Inuyasha. All 125 episodes(currently) of Bleach have been finished (sadly) and Death Note is proving to be a whole lot more interesting than I expected it to be. Not surprising then that the average review it received was 'Masterpiece'. But with only 10 more episodes left, it won't last very long. Hence the frenzied downloading of Inuyasha.

What's left of my available time is spent on Steven Erikson's sixth installment in the captivating epic series, The Malazan Book of the Fallen: The Bonehunters. His depth of detail and story weaving as usual is epic and while it might be a little heavyweight for some, you'll soon find yourself totally lost in it.

So between Diablo2, Anime and Steven Erikson, there's hardly any time left for blogging. Or maybe it's just because I'm lazy. But blogging should always remain an activity that one engages in because one wants to and/or has something he/she wants to talk about. The moment it becomes a chore or obligation, you're really better off not blogging at all. So for now let me indulge myself a bit. Till the urge to blog seizes me once again.

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