Thursday, May 10, 2007

Broke Back

I'm Broke but I'm Back. Pun fully intended. Despite being without internet access for 5 days, the past few days spent with the Boyfriend was really relaxing and enjoyable. On top of the company, it was probably the only holiday so far whereby sex, shopping and eating was perfectly balanced out with just enough of everything. Plus the relaxed pace also meant we slept in till eleven plus /noon, got out just in time for lunch, a little shopping and exploring followed by either a coffee, then dinner, a little more walking and back to the hotel room. Naturally, a lot of brokebacking was in order too.

Nothing like those 10am-10pm shopping (imposed) marathons that always characterises a family trip to Malaysia / KL where one is made to walk the malls whether one wanted to or not and meals inevitably consisted of food court food 95% of the time which is farking boring ok. Come to Malaysia to eat food court food... So this time I planned our iteniary in advance, which really was a short list of where to go for the day and more importantly what to eat there. And because our mentality for shopping and eating is quite similar, Sean was more than happy to just tag along, though we did argue a bit over the best mode of transport to getting to Chinatown.

As expected, there really is a lot of good food in KL. You just need to know where to go to find it and the places we tried mostly lived up to expectations if not surpassing it. Except for lunch at the excellent Madam Kwan's and a mediocre dinner at some Jap restaurant, all our meals came out to less than RM 55 for two people. Which would probably make the miserly shopping bargain hunters scream. But like I said it's reasonable and I certainly didn't come to KL just to shop, food was a pretty big factor.

Travelling was done almost exclusively via the train/monorail system which was really convenient and cheap considering how close Corus Hotel was to the KLCC station and the fact that all the places we wanted to go to were acessible via the rail network, Bukit bintang, Mid Valley, Chinatown, etc. Money saved that we spent on food, shopping and lube. We bought three tubes... the first two were.. how shall I put it.. not very satisfactory. Especially the 'Pleasure inducing Tingling Sensation' durex one. Not good unless you like the feeling of having your ass on fire.

And we made good use of the hotel room though I kinda pity the housekeeping people who come to clean our room every day. It's pretty much a slum by the time we're done with it, wrappers on the floor, the sheets on the floor, our video & audio cables still attached to the TV. Still not too over the top though. Our 1pm-8pm schedule often meant we were back in the hotel before nine, often armed with cut fruits and a 1.5l mineral water bottle and the occasional supper. We both brought our respective lap tops and Sean got pretty hooked on Generals: Zero Hour.

So he'd sit there and play it on my laptop while I'd watch Bleach from the portable HDD I brought on his laptop which I hooked up to the hotel TV and this would usually go on to about 2 am when we'd call it a night. And in this way I finished about 53 episodes of Bleach over the entire trip that included the very comfortable aeroline bus journeys. Plus I finally got my Scissor Sisters 'Tadah' cd at Towers for 29.90 RM, a tad cheaper than Singapore.

So all in all I'd say this trip was a really pleasant one, not forgetting the fact that it was our 'honeymoon' of sorts, 5 years too late, well certainly our first out of Singapore. I'll probably come up with a short list of the nice places we ate at soon. So many things to do first though. Unpack, do the laundry, jumpstart my yaoi manga translation for the scanlation groups and finish the other 54 episodes of the Bleach anime!!!!! Wahahahahahaha.

Right, now I'll go take a shower.


BazBoi said...

I enjoyed the trip very much dear...the transport we took to Chinatown was enjoyable and it has been a pretty good learning journey as opposed to taking cab all the time. Can't wait for our next trip you.

Aelgtoer said...

Yep taking the train sure did save us a lot of money! Love you too.