Friday, May 18, 2007


Having an 87 year old granny that attempts to try new, 'strange' things (as she calls it) in an effort to keep up with the times (like watching anime with yours truly and an epic struggle trying to surf the net to check her stock prices) is I guess really cool. This coupled with her often astonishing perception of things that one might regard as 'innocence' often makes her actions and words surprisingly refreshing.

So it was today, when I was leaving to meet up with the Other Half after his work that she displayed that amusing trait of hers.
"So who are you going out with later?" (Granny)
"My friend la."
"Girlfriend or Boyfriend?" ( In an extremely nonchalant tone.)
"Er.. you shouldn't go round saying things like that la. Guy friend you know. Boyfriend is different."
"Is it? Boyfriend, Girlfriend all friends la. The same one."
And she returned to stirring the huge mass of popiah filling in the wok.

But just in case you were wondering, no she certainly doesn't mean Boyfriend in the sense that a Boyfriend really means. I would have just laughed along and told her ya going out with my Boyfriend (Which I was after all) if the highly religious Christian (ie: fanatical) aunt was not around. And no the aunt does know what a Boyfriend is.

In other news, went with Sean for the brow grooming thing at Browhaus. Self-tweezing is always rather troublesome and getting the shape right is near impossible. So we chose the threading process because it was supposedly more popular with the guys and faster than tweezing anyway. The whole thing took a little under 5 mins and save for a little discomfort when one wonders whether the scritch scritch sound of thread slicing through hair would accidentally take off a piece of one's eyelid; the result was really good and much faster than tweezing.

So I got the package thing 10 sessions for 100 bucks cuz one session by itself is about $15 and since it's a monthly affair and saves all the hassle of having to tweeze, I figured it was a really good deal. Even though they typed Ms on the receipt and the cashier blushed and apologised profusely when I pointed it out. The sweetish warm lemon tea they served was another clincher.

For now, back to Diablo and Pandora my lvl 82 Amazon... who nearly died while figting Mephisto. WEEEAk. But still fun la. And I still have Granny's speciality Popiah to look forward to tomorrow. Nothing like wraping your popiah and stuffing it chock full with all the extra stuff you want. mmm.

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