Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Holi.. Holiday!

And so the exams are over and I'm officially on holiday. Officially, because everyday since the start of this semester has been a holiday to me anyway. Skipping classes, getting up late, surfing porn, cooking, going out, you name it. Everything I should have been doing (ie: Studying and revising like a good dutiful law student who doesn't waste the parent's money and going for classes faithfully) I have not and everything that I shouldn't be doing (slacking and treating everyday like a holiday) I've done. Which makes the End of the Exams not a estatic cause for celebrations, paint-the-town-red kind of event it once was.

Other than the fact that I will now be sympathizing with laughing at Law students, have over 500+ episodes of unwatched anime to devour and that the clock has started ticking down to when I officially join the Rat Race in slightly under a month, not much. But you know how humans are, while we need an entire boatload of threats, rational arguments and the sad but ever present need for survival to work; we seldom if ever need a cause to celebrate. Yours truly the embodiment of Play today, Die tomorrow.

So yes I shall celebrate this truly lacklustre milestone in a drunken orgy of sex, shopping, anime, gaming and eating. Not necessarily in that order. Though it also means I have to restart my yaoi translation routine for Obsession and BLiss which got stalled a month ago after the bout of anime marathon sprees. I of course pleaded the upcoming exams to excuse my sudden tardiness, so don't kill me if you're reading this please Kurogami and Beleth. Lol. Anyhow I promise I'll get round to starting my stalled projects (Private vol 2 & Chiisanna) soon, once I've attended to more pressing matters.

And like so many people who've posted up lists of things/activities they wish to do once their exams are over, I've come up with my own list too. Whether Those people do so out of the genuine need to write them down lest they forget so that at the end of the holls they can revisit their list and lament how fruitless/laughable their holls really went or simply because it's the grown up version of thumbing your nose at others who haven't finished their exams and going 'Nyaah Nyeeh'- that implicit statement of malice that I have finished and you haven't; is of course debateable. For my case, it's the latter. Except that everyone else has already finished their exams. Ah well. I'll still be laughing at you around exam times next sem. 'Nyaah Nyeeh.'

Things I'm going to do.

  1. Finish my shitload of 500+ episodes of anime series that include: 123 episodes of Bleach (so far), 291 episodes of DragonballZ, etc. Which amounts to roughly 230 hours of anime. Talk about a mega fix.
  2. Get drunk. Does not entail getting sick or vomitting on miscellaneous pieces of hotel room property. Pleasantly high is the word.
  3. Eat like there's no tomorrow. Well not exactly but eating is certainly one of the highlights. Plus the upcoming trip to KL with Sean is a good excuse to pig out.
  4. Fuck like there's no tommorow. Well this I can and wholly intend to do. He's not leaving the bed till I'm done with him or vice versa. Besides we always fuck like there's no tommorrow anyway.
  5. Attempt to win a 3v3 in Command and Conquer: Zero Hour with the two clueless and often a bit humji(overly cautious would be a nice way of putting it) straight classmates who double as gaming kakis. Oh we strategise and plot then when it comes to actual fighting vs human players, it ends up with statements like: "Fuck man, he built a tunnel in my base." "Take out his command center?" "He stole my dozer that chee bye." So yes you see still quite sad on that front.
  6. Start my lazy ass on the translations again. Groans. But that Bleach/DragonballZ/Naruto Shippuuden/(insert random anime series) episode is calling me.
  7. Shop. Not till I drop. Cause shopping unfortunately entails shopping for working court attire which means long white sleeve shirts, black long pants, black leather shoes, and a non-neon non pink tie.
  8. Read more Yaoi. I haven't read half of my 11 Gb worth of yaoi manga ok. Blame anime.
  9. Continue exercising. Must must must. And no, sex while a form of exercise doesn't fall under this category.
  10. Blog less. Ya otherwise how the hell will I have the time to do 1-9.

The trip to KL with the Boyfriend will be our first together out of Singapore. How sad is that huh. Yeah totally the mother's fault. She who believes two guys going out is an orgy. So it'll be nice even though it's just Kuala Lumpur that I've visited like 5616261636161 times. But he's only been there ONCE so I'll pretend to be pleasantly surprised. "Oh look! Petronas Twin Towers!! Waaaa..." But like they say it's the company you go with that counts.

Going drinking with the straight clueless classmates aka gaming buddies at Brewerkz tomorrow. It's been ages since we last went for that $3 a pint at lunch kind of beer outing. Which is really easy on the pocket, since we usually go there order some chips and guzzle about 7 pints of beer. Though I wish they'd do that for Asahi beer (sigh..), Brewerkz beer ain't half that bad. In fact it's really nice and I'm not a beer person so that says a lot.

It's amusing I strongly suspect (if not know) that the two of them suspect/know that I'm gay. Especially CS who used to be an avid reader of my old blog that was sometimes scary. So when I shifted over, I abandoned the old blog entirely for one month (just left with a I will not be back here post) before relenting and posting my current blog address. So I won't be surprised if they know about this blog too.

It's interesting cause while they've always dropped hints and made 'alarm bells' kind of remarks ranging from buggery (that old quaint english word for sodomy- we read about loads of those in Criminal law, generally along the lines of schoolboys and school masters) to more explicit gay remarks. And so I just played along with them. Kinda like the 'Don't ask. Don't tell' policy I'll adopt at work next time. I suspect CS always wants to ask right out, we'll see if the alcohol tomorrow loosens his tongue. And if he does, I'll probably just say it anyway. Backup measures include dousing him in the face with more beer.

And now I must leave to go paint the town red. I leave you with that emblematic dance number from J Lo, Let's Get Loud. That song which in itself brings back memories, played at Venom on New Year's Eve of 2000 when I was partying with CJ, that ex-crush, who proceeded to hug me(of his own accord yes I fantasized about that for days after) and declared 'Happy 2001 Faggot!'. That same song was also played when I went clubbing with Sean and one of my campmates whom we call Rabbit at Whynot on New Year's Eve of 2001 and that hyper-active bunny, hands swinging about wildly like a Para Para fanatic on Ecstacy, smashed into my face sending my specs flying into the crowd and left me quite blind for the next 3 hours.

Thankfully, the titanium frame specs survived the abuse and was found intact with a couple of scratches when the club was about to close. So this is really the song that brings back memories of all those hedonistic, painting the town red days. Which is exactly what I'm going to do now. Ciao.


savante said...

A holiday together! Nothing quite like having such a long break after exams. I am so freaking jealous! Enjoy yourself in KL!

Aelgtoer said...

Ha ha thank you! You know of any good street makan places in KL? Other than Jalan Alor and Chinatown I'm pretty clueless.
Btw I love your blog posts, keep that wicked wit coming!