Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Suzie's Big 40th Bash.

I don't regret turning up for Suzie's / Ming's splendid bash. True to her roots, the event was well planned and choreographed right till the very last minute, and loads of fun to boot. True enough the initial meeting was a little awkward. Ming was smaller than expected (but larger than life haha) and as the rest of the blogging gang (Wildgoose and SinLady) hadn't shown up yet, Ming introed me to her banking colleagues who had known her for more than 16+ years.

Which was all very nice and swell but we mostly talked shop and when they queried as to the kind of the blog I maintained (cuz Ming mentioned that she knew me via blogging) (was it a cuisine kind of blog?), I just mentioned that it was a personal lifestyle kind of blog and left it at that. They were nice people, married with families. I just didn't think with all the talk about 'are you attached yet? hey you should be what!' that they were quite ready for the 'Actually I'm gay' kind of statement. Which was why I was scanning the crowd for vague signs of Sinlady and Wildgoose as Ming said they would be arriving soon.

The only hint I had was SinLady's hair which I had a vague impression of from the various photos posted on her blog. :) Sure enough, I spotted a refined woman with the same hairdo and a suspected cutesy kind of Wildgoose sometime later, so I made my way and introduced myself while hazarding a guess as to their identities after dinner and a couple of glasses of happy juice.

Which thankfully turned out to be the correct decision. I'm glad I risked the gamble, we had a hearty conversation and a great time thereafter. I wish I could produce/take better pictures, alas photography has never been one of my stronger points. Nevertheless we had a blast of a time, celebrating Ming's birthday and just enjoying each other's company, plus I managed to get Daniel's opinion about pole dancing haha.

Ming's Mum, a former Cantonese opera star performing with great gusto, my horrible photography skills does her no justice :P

Picture of Ming wowing the crowd with her pole-tastic skills. As usual my photography skill sucks but hey you notice that feral gleam in Ming's eyes? haha.

Stephie and Sinlady (J) performing their sexy exotic Egyptian dance on stage :)

From Left to Right: SinLady (J), Mysterious lady ^^, Ming the Birthday Girl, yours truly and Wild Goose (PY).

Cheers to many more happy years of friendship! :)


Suzie Wong said...

don't you ever sleep? gosh blogging about it at this hour, and trust me to be searching it at THIS unearthly hour. I'm still euphoric and gosh, I wish I had laid back a bit to enjoy speaking to you all more. But a events person just cannot afford to the let the stage have nothing going on! I'm such a control freak....we, SL, WG really really have to catch up in a proper way. But truly, I'm so happy that all of you turned up!

Stephie said...

Are you the one I thought was an uglytect ... I mean, architect? Thanks for the kind mention. And Daniel not only gave tips on pole dancing, he almost tipped over the pole too! Great party for a great chickie.


Aelgtoer said...

Ming: Well I'm kinda like a zombie in office now, lol. You have every reason to be la, that was some birthday bash indeed :)

Yep we should have a proper meet up/meal soon, but the festive season is the busiest for you so we're probably looking at February earliest. :) Anyway you know what they say, life only starts after you hit 40!

Stephie: Hey hey some architects are hot! Yes I'm the 'uglytect' guy. I seriously thought the pole would tip over at one stage, which was probably why Ming had to stabilise it.

I agree great party for a great chickie. haha

sinlady said...

You picked me out of the crowd by recognising my hair???!!

Aelgtoer said...

Hey that was the only clue I had la! You'd never revealed your face before then:)
Aren't you glad I was that observant?:P

P/S: you remain loved all the same hehe.

wildgoose said...

Glad we met. :) So you joining any dancing class soon?

Aelgtoer said...

I'm glad we met too :)

Hrm dancing classes? Already considering Ming's all guy pole dancing one haha, probably won't be going for belly dancing anytime soon.

But if I can find a suitable partner I'm game for one of the more conventional ones. (Which sounds damn ironic coming from me haha)