Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tea for three.

The Triumvirate seldom has the time to meet for a proper unhurried meal and a chit chat session these days. But when we do meet, we usually go all the way.

Tea at Royal Copenhagen, an extremely satisfying dinner at Kuriya, chilling out and drinks at Potpourri. We (or annie in particular) probably traumatised the staff at Kuriya with the random bursts of laughter and the spirited conversation which often induced an inordinate amount of eye-rolling or further convulsing bouts of laughing fits.

Kuriya's (at Lido) standard remained impeccable if a little pricey. Kate and I ordered the Nabemono hotpots while Annie went for the humongous Kuriya set dinner which she wasn't able to finish anyway. Tucking into my favourite side dish of baked tofu with mentaiko (spicy cod roe) and cheese, I declared with enforced gaiety "Mm, dick cheese!" whereupon Annie dissolved into another bout of hysterical giggles and Kate turned a strange shade of green and snapped, "Can you stop that! Just the thought of it makes me want to hurl. God, I can almost smell it." Scrounging up her face, she made muffled retching sounds. Which probably worried the very attentive waitress who came along to check if everything was alright.

Drinks sometime thereafter, was at Potpourri, the same gem of a place where Ming celebrated her big 40 as it was nearby and the ambiance was perfect. Quiet but comfortable. I ordered my usual reds, which incidentally is far better than a lot of the reds at a number of watering holes, some of which are way too acidic- almost like vinegar and a sheesha. Annie had a long island tea and Kate, her San Pellogrino.

I must say I'm thoroughly impressed with the sheesha at Potpourri's, an hour later and it was still smoking away unlike the miserable one at that arab street cafe which died out after 15 mins. In fact the harder I sucked, the more bubble-gummy smoke I was rewarded with. (Kinda makes you wish it applied to something else doesn't it?) By the time we left about 80 mins later, it was still going strong, Annie was lobster pink, making funny comments and I was wistfully bemoaning the fact that tomorrow was Wednesday and not Saturday.

All in all, thoroughly enjoyable as usual, though I must say that all this wining and dining is burning a hole in my wallet. Sob.


sinlady said...

the place has sheesha! must remember potpourri for after dinner drinks.

Aelgtoer said...

Yes it does! And a damn good one at that, even though they only have one flavour. They all taste the same to a rookie like me anyway.

It's quiet and perfect for a cozy tete a tete with friends over drinks after dinner.

Stephie said...

Ha! I already scoped that one out already. Turns out the owner is an old friend and I am now going to be a regular there. Have sheesha ... have Steph ...

Which arab st disaster did you go to with the 15-min anti-climax?


Aelgtoer said...

Heh Didn't know you were a sheesha fan Steph. you probably know of other good hang outs?

I can't remember the name of the place, just remember it was some shop house and it lasted a measly 15 mins. ><

Stephie said...

They are pretty much all shop houses in Arab St leh. Yes, I even have pictures on FB proving I am a shisha slut.

I usually go to Arab St for my shisha. Two places. One has great food, the slowest service ever and is owned by a good friend. The other is cheaper, has, sometimes, better shisha, really obliging staff but is not as comfortably decked out.

Been to Dragonfly. Never seen Cantonese rockers before till I was dragged there. It was quite surreal.

Aelgtoer said...

Hmm Message me the name of the two places la. I need variety for the sheesha/shisha(?) plus a nice ambience with decent food.:)

Btw I saw your uploaded pics with you and the shisha, blown/sucked like a true pro indeed haha :)