Monday, December 15, 2008

WTB Weekend.

You'll have to forgive me if I keep talking about weekends or my seeming infatuation with them (which I am not denying, and any sane working individual would tell you the same) but considering the fact that the rest of the week is (generally) spent on work which you wouldn't want to talk about (save to rant and rave) you can understand my preoccupation with the Weekend. Yes, the sad life of a grunt in the global economy. But hey job security in a recession helps.

This weekend was (generally) another high and woefully short. Catched up on much needed rest, finished all 32 weepy episodes of the Korean period drama 'The Legend' starring that guy from Winter Sonata. You gotta hand it to the Korean actors (and actresses..blah), they're damn good at tearing up suddenly, eyes brimming with tears at some poignant memory, plus they still look damn good after crying, tear streaked faces and all.

It's infectious. I even cried when some main character kicked the bucket. hur hur. I mean it's amazing how long 2 guys can stare at each other, one with a spear thrust through his heart, tears in their eyes replete with loud pants. It would almost be some homoerotic scene if not for the context and the setting. And yes I timed it, it was 3 mins 20 seconds replete with weepy, melodramatic music playing in the background. Amazing, eh?

So anyway, I'd forgotten that hypnotic effect these dramas and serials exert; it takes a monumental effort to stop oneself from popping in one disc after the other, just to see what happens later damnit. It is a rather cheap addiction given the price/entertainment time ratio albeit an unhealthy one. But most addictions aren't healthy anyway so who gives a flying fuck.

The Weekend wasn't all sloth and sleep. I met a very charming guy and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It's not often that one is able to talk to a gay gay albeit a total stranger for hours on end without broaching the usual subject about sex. Though we did eventually talk about that of course. And you know what they all say, all talk no action is highly unsatisfactory. So of course must follow up la.

Revisited Play after months, music is still generally the same, house from 11ish to midnight, more popular current hits from one to three and the top 40s , late 90s hits from 3 to 4am. The crowd keeps looking younger or maybe i'm just getting older (not that I'm complaining). Though I swear some of the boys there aren't even 18 yet. Like the teen on crack, arms flailing about in all directions as he danced/spasmed to some invisible beat on the stage. Which provided some entertainment.

Though I was annoyed by the drunk shortie who kept popping up between the date and I to 'dirty dance' or to put it more accurately, grope wantonly. I mean sure he was young and probably high but he had halitosis and had the audacity to tweak my nipples that little punk. Which earned him a hard shove in the opposite direction.

Sunday was the time for last minute Christmas shopping for the Christmas dinner with the usual bunch of colleagues at work. The date agreed to come along. We'd agreed on the 'one expensive present instead of a bunch of cheapo presents' arrangement which meant we were assigned to buy for a particular individual, which suits me just fine. Shopping was a 15 minute blitz and I'm rather pleased with the pressies (again..haha).

Stuffed ourselves silly and caught The Day the world stood still at Lido. Bit of an anti-climax IMO, too much like the Day after Tommorow, you know that post-apocalyptic kind of scenario. It's all that pre-occupation with the one big Day, doubt we'll be seeing the end of it anytime soon. He liked it though so that was good.

And just like that the weekend's gone. Vaporous and transient. And you wonder why I'm so fixated on weekends.

I leave you with Suberidai , the ending song from Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn. The song is pretty normal, standard emo-ish fare. It's interesting because of the singer's voice. It's the kind you either love, hate or the type that slowly grows on you. You can't really stay neutral on it.

If I had to describe it on a knee-jerk reaction, I'd probably describe it as the kind of tone you get when you get a baritone to sing and slowly but surely squeeze his balls. And no I assure you S&M is not my cup of tea. But yes, it's the kind of voice that grows on you. Listen and decide for yourself.

Suberidai by Mori Tsubasa

The dancing, fluttering happiness
The trembling warmth

No matter how I struggled
I couldn’t catch it, like always
No matter how hard I sketched
I couldn’t draw it, like always

Yesterday, I understood that
We can’t meet each other again
I understood that
I took two pieces of tissue home with me

The dancing, fluttering happiness
The trembling warmth
“Someday, I promise to make you happy”
The voice that day was just my imagination

By knowing separation, it seems that we can become strong
It’s fine even if we can’t become stronger than thisI
t changed yesterday
The bad things changed yesterday
Just as you said, I’m a bad person

The fluttering hand that was pressed against my hair tenderly
The sparkling ring that was removed from your finger
You laughed a little fakely, didn’t you?I saw it from further than usual
I didn’t say anything

The slide you saw
When your teary eyes averted my gaze in the park
I can’t remember if it was a giraffe or an elephant
Even though I remember thinking“I want to protect you”

The dancing, fluttering happiness
The trembling warmth
“Someday, I promise to make you happy”
The voice that day was just my imagination


wildgoose said...

I used to stay home on Sat just to watch The Legend. Even recorded the final episode and then discovered it was on YouTube. heh... can't believe I actually want to watch Korean draaama. =p

Anonymous said... mr. lawyer has a charming man in his life....all 3 best for ya!

Aelgtoer said...

WG: ahah contagious isn't it?

Anon: Hmmm I've had too many people calling me 'mr lawyer' for me to hazard a guess as to your identity. But ya nothing serious now la.