Thursday, December 25, 2008

Off at last- Switzerland.

It feels a little surreal. That I'm finally leaving on a trip which I decided upon impulse just 40 days ago. Not that I have any regrets, if anything there is that growing sense of quiet anticipation towards the days ahead. Suffice to say, I doubt my outlook towards travelling in general and as a solo traveller in particular would remain the same after this trip.

So in 30 mins, I'm off to Switzerland that scenic land of snow, cheese, chocolates and watches (as the cousin repeatedly pointed out). I still have that ever-present nagging feeling of having forgotten something (I believe i forgot the frequent flyermiles card but there you have it), am wondering why the luggage seems to weigh a ton and have yet to come up with a complete itinerary. But half the fun is planning and improvising on the go isn't it? (For impulsive nuts like me hur hur)

With temperatures ranging from 0 C to -10 C in the cities and a horrific -15 C to -20 C at the mountains (Junfrau and Schilthorn), I'm mildly worried about freezing over. I love the cold, I've always detested the sweltering strength sapping heat of summer. But that said and done, being mind numbingly cold where the chill (and wind shudders) cuts to the bones isn't much fun either. I'll just have to see how much punishment I can take in Jungfrau, assuming I don't freeze first that is.

Food won't be a problem. Short of spicy, grotesquely exotic and swimming-in-oil food, I'm fine with trying almost all kinds of cuisines. Continental food in particular poses no problems at all, I could probably survive a year without the usual rice-noodle asian staple kind of food. Sure i might miss it from time to time but I won't die without it. Which is more than I can say for some family members (who used to pack belachan before 9/11..) and friends.

So I have no doubt I'll be enjoying the food though I'm equally sure the copious amounts of cream, cheese and meat will be deposited along the girth. Which probably does give me a reason to club in Zurich doesn't it? grins.

It's amusing how frenzied the Mother was. Do you have this? Do you have that? Where are they meeting you? (because she still assumes Annie and Kate are coming along) She'll probably enter into cardiac arrest if she knows the truth. The Sister tried to surreptitiously slip a devotional prayer book into my knapsack which I quickly disposed of. She even gave a little peck on the cheek which was a surprise.

Kinda makes you feel like one of those soldiers off to war the way they reacted even though I'm off for holls. Ah well, maybe I won't come back in one piece but hey I jolly well intend to have a good time damnit.

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