Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rojak la!

Time flies when you least expect it to, which is almost always when you are having fun. The last 5 days have been a whirlwind of frenzied activity, wining, dining, clubbing, chatting and a shit load of shopping.

It seems almost surreal that in 2 days I'll be jetting off to Switzerland (yay!), the prospect of travelling alone to so far away a place exciting yet not without a tinge of apprehension. And I haven't packed zilch to start with, in fact it was only today that I just printed out the maps with directions to get to the different hotels. Yes, so I remain woefully unprepared but I shall psych myself up sometime in the very near future. Now if only I could get someone to pack for me, bah.

The weekend was tiring but eventful, clubbing on consecutive nights till the wee hours of the morning was exhausting though it did afford an excellent workout on the dancefloor. It would have been a mind numbing three nights in a row if not for that wonderful Brain Fuck conversation with D. that went on for 7 hours straight to dawn.

It's always highly refreshing and totally captivating to be able to find another person whom one can converse so freely with. Where conversation flows naturally and seamlessly and neither party has the willpower or desire to end the conversation. And all without the banal de rigeur 'age/stats/race intro?' crap. A brain fuck indeed.

We met just yesterday and even if he wasn't physically attractive, short and stocky (hahaha he'll kill me), he was a huge intellectual turn on. Conversation as usual was entertaining and totally uninhibited, well after a few persistent probes from yours truly. ^^ If nothing, at least we've found a friend cliche though it may sound.

Orchard was packed as usual... All the last minute christmas shopping hasn't been helping at all. Everytime I shop for presents I usually end up getting stuff for myself. Which is good as therapy but bad for the wallet. You know what they say though, it's the festive season and the sales are quite remarkable so I'm just doing my bit to stimulate the economy.

The one buy I'm really pleased with are the boots from Raoul. God knows how damn difficult it is to buy classy boots that can actually be worn to work in Singapore. I've always had a thing for boots, it's not because of the heels but more its sleek sexiness and the inexplicable feeling of empowerment and liberation when one wears them.

And if you dare suggest that the feeling of empowerment can be put down to the added few inches obtained from the heels, I'll squish your superficial balls. Under the heels of my boots of course. *Maniacal laughter* But yes I can fathom why certain females are fixated over stilettos, the higher the better, even though walking becomes a delicate balancing act and their feet probably hurt like hell. Heels and pain seem to go hand in hand.

That said and done, boots only go well with certain outfits and must be matched judiciously. There can always be too much of a good thing. It's all about knowing when to draw the line. Such as wearing boots with berms. Which is just plain wrong in case you can't visualise it for yourself.

Orchard road seems to be teeming with buskers these days, some of which aren't even local. I have to admit some of whom are actually entertaining if not because they are highly peculiar. Like that hippie Japanese band which sat cross legged and chanted hallelujah along to trance inducing music while strumming/ blowing on various instruments. For a moment I thought I was in the 70s'. And one of the guys even looked like Captain Jack Sparrow.... you judge for yourself.

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wildgoose said...

That's a very nice pair of boots. Simple but not boring.

Enjoy your holidays!