Sunday, November 30, 2008

Don't Play Play.

If there's one thing I detest more than being played out (and trust me I am pissed when people play me out), it's being played out by unapologetic sods with an attitude to boot. You all know W., that wonderfully smug first ex whose glib tongue belies an ego bigger than the sum of J Lo's and Queen Latifah's butts.

I know. I've ranted about him before. But after six months of relentlessly ignoring his calls and smses, I finally relented and agreed to meet him once. It was to have been last Saturday but after returning quite smashed and considerably broke after dinner and drinks with the gang at work the night before, I called it off. So we arranged to meet again, yesterday. Lunch and perhaps a movie.

You dumb fuck! Didn't you rant and rave about him not too long ago? Or have you forgotten that you bid good riddance to him? Thoughts probably zipping through your mind as you read this.

All of which undeniably true. But you know how it is. We all know what we should do, whether we actually do it though is a different story. You know you should just stick to your dressing less salad to squeeze into that fabulous dress for xx's dinner but you just can't help ordering your tiramisu. Or in Alxx's case, her 4 servings of toffee nut latte. haha. After all, there's always the garter.

So yes I am fully aware. And W.'s not even a palatable let alone delectable temptation. But that's how it was. I digress. So we'd agreed the night before (friday) to meet around 1-2pm for Lunch and a movie. He wanted to drive over to pick me up. (Which I agreed to) And tried to squirrel a treat from me in the process. (Which naturally I refused to)

"Make Sure ah. You're always so busy, you might just end up at work." W. ended off in his usual smugly sarcastic tone.

Next day, Saturday. I got up earlier than usual (ie Noon ^^). Got ready by 1, then waited. And waited. Soon an hour passed and after a couple of SMSes and unanswered phone calls, I decided to take up Alvin's invitation for Red Alert 3 along with CS at Paradiz. As I was leaving the house, that bugger called.

"Lunch now?"
"It's 3 o'clock. We agreed to meet around 1-2 and you didn't even answer your phone."
"Aiya was sleeping wat. Lunch now?"
"Are you mad, I had my lunch already, not going to starve waiting for you. Went drinking last night is it? At least inform me then."
"Ha ha you're as adorable as always."

So after a couple more lopsided exchanges, we agreed to meet at Paradiz because I curtly informed him that I was already leaving and he insisted on going down to meet me ("I can play RA3 too! You can just say we're classmates."). Call me when you reach then, I informed him. He agreed. And you would have thought that would have been the end of the matter.

Apparently not. When I reached Paradiz it was already 4 plus and Alvin, CS and his gf were already busy annihilating virtual enemies to smithereens (or being annihilated..haha). So we gamed and I expected his call any minute. An hour passed, the Omnia remained dark and silent. Around 5.30 I sent W and sms, "Ok, meet at 6.30pm, town. Call me."

Another hour passed and still no call. By then the other three had been gaming for almost 5 hours and I presumed W. was already on his way down or something so I said my goodbyes and we parted ways. I called thrice. The bugger failed to pick up. Thoroughly annoyed, I shot him a quick sms, "Missing in action again? I'm heading to town. Call me."

By the time I reached Orchard, I was pretty famished and choleric. The massive crowd did not help. And the Omnia still remained dark. Downright annoyed, I texted the sod, "Never answer your phone never even bother to reply and we agreed to meet. If you are coming down let me know I'm at Orchard."

Whereupon I was rewarded with a single pathetic "Can't". Which of course made me ballistic. If he was there that very minute I would have socked/slapped him and kicked his balls for good measure. Assuming he has any. That sorry pathetic cunt.

You agree to meet. No, let me correct that. You WANT to meet and therefore we AGREE to meet. You sleep late. Call and expect people to have lunch with you at 3. Agree to meet again. Fail to show up. Fail to reply to SMSes. Fail to answer any phone calls. And then reply with a single pathetic "Can't" without a single apology or explanation and expect any sane reasonable person to accept it?

Good grief. Just the thought of it is sufficient to send me into an apoplectic rage. Obviously basic courtesy and common sense is something he sorely lacks. But why should I be surprised. It's one thing to play other people out (and that of course has to be distinguished from inevitable situations ie: life-threatening wardrobe malfunctions kind of situations), it's another to do so without being in the least apologetic or having the courtesy to come up with a viable excuse.

No wonder I dropped him like a hot potato. Well good riddance.

*Takes a deep breath* On the other hand, I did manage to get a decent gift for Suzie who's turning 40 tomorrow. Happy Birthday girl! I'm terrible with prezzie shopping be it for birthdays or Christmas. I mean god knows what everyone wants. And besides, you know you won't be pleasing everyone.

Oh I know, gays are supposed to be fabulously fashionable, with an eye for good clothes, girl's best confidantes/sisters and perfect shopping kakis. Shopping for presents should by extension be a real breeze. Well yes, that is the general perception. But just like not every heterosexual male loves soccer or oggles at girls all day, not all gay males are your fashionable fag hag friend.
For me, I hate shopping for presents. So when I do find a present I'm satisfied with, it's a personal accomplishment of sorts. haha

I shall be looking forward to tomorrow's birthday celebrations for Suzie, if anything, it'll be the first time I'll be meeting her, WG and SL for the first time after over a year of slinking about on each others' blog posts. :)

I leave you now with the psychedelic and catchy ending song, Hitohira no Hanabira, from Bleach. It's chirpy and almost para para-esque though I'm certain the animation adds to that effect. ^^

Hitohira no Hanabira by Stereopony

A single flower petal brushes against my skin
I don't want to believe
our romance was a mistake

We've got a bad, bad habit of saying "everything's fine" and bottling it up
I always thought about how i wanted to be with you forever
but we don't see eye to eye
I assumed i could always make you smile
in that soft, gentle way of yours
like when we first met
I want to hold you...

A single flower petal brushes against my skin
I don't want to believe
our romance was a mistake
I thought I loved you
I wanted to hear your voice more and more
and while my hand still reaches yours,
I can't see what your future holds.


Anonymous said...

hmm it sounds videodly bad moment for you like as if W was being directed by someone to play the charater...

Aelgtoer said...

Hmm I guess what you're trying to say is that it was an absolute nightmare? If so you're absolutely correct hon.