Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to the Grind

The first day back at work after the Swiss Trip and I'm dead beat. As expected, the desk was piled high with files to be attended to, letters to be drafted, bills to sign and horror of horrors affidavits to prepare. Barf.

Oh I know they always say all good things come to an end and everyone has to return to reality. It's just that returning to reality is usually as pleasant as running headlong into a sackful of wet cement. But you know there's always bitching and friends. not always a good combo but it helps.

The trip was good, so good I still dream I'm walking the streets in Berne, the chilly wind fresh yet biting, snow falling lightly and... wake up to Gold 90 FM blasting in my ears. More on the trip and pics when I finally get round to doing it which should be anytime soon after I've cleared the mountains of files on my desk. Bah.

The famed glacial Swiss reserve is indeed true. Though when it melts.... Suffice to say the Swiss boys didn't disappoint at all.


sinlady said...

welcome home nonetheless :)

Aelgtoer said...

Thanks SL :) Hugs