Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The 5 Night Stand

You've gotta love online tests, things you do to while away the time even if you might not have much time to start with in the first place. While blog surfing, I stumbled on this test that I vaguely remember having done before but it was only when I got the results and saw the image of that smug guy below that I realised I'd taken the test long ago... and attained exactly the same result. ^^

Just to qualify the result, which remains surprisingly apt for certain areas (especially the last paragraph ^^), it's a dating persona test. Which means it isn't indicative of one's personality or behaviour during a relationship. But as far as dating (and sleeping around) went, this much was pretty accurate. A fact Sean can probably attest to with some displeasure. Ha ha. Speaking of whom, I suspect he'd fall into either the Boy Next Door (RGLD) or The Slow Dancer (DGLD) category. There is some truth behind that old "Opposites attract" axiom after all.

The 5-Night Stand
Deliberate Brutal Sex Master (DBSM)

Compassionate, loving, and understanding, but only for one business week, you are The 5-Night Stand.

Sex is your primary objective, and you are a skilled manipulator. Therefore, you get LOTS of ass. Most likely, you juggle many men at once; you care about all of them a lot, but each of them a little. It adds up, right? One love.

You're not dishonest with people, exactly. It's unlikely, for instance, you'd actually say "I love you," just to get laid; and you might even go as far as explaining "I'm not ready for a commitment" to a potential partner. Of course, when you say it, you'd smile that special smile, like you two have an inside joke. Him.

Your exact male opposite:
The Boy Next Door

Random Gentle Love Dreamer
The secret of your success? Every nice person has an instinct to fix the broken dirtbag within you. Women especially have this instinct, because deep down they want their sons to be evil, a genetic advantage.

To wit, your most likely occupations are stock broker, lawyer, and photographer. You are a hard worker, because power and success turn you on.

ALWAYS AVOID: The False Messiah (DBLM), The Vapor Trail (RBLM), The Bachelor (DGSM)

CONSIDER: The 5-Night Stand (DBSM)

Link: The Online Dating Persona Test @ OkCupid


Bazboi said...

You are...

The Boy Next Door
Random Gentle Love Dreamer (RGLD)

Kind, yearning, playful, you are The Boy Next Door. You're looking for real Love, a lot like girls do. It might not be manly, but it's sweet.

We think the next three years will be very exciting and fruitful ones for you. Your spontaneous, creative side makes you a charming date, and we think you have a horny side just waiting to shine. Or glisten, rather. You enter new relationships unusually hopeful, and the first moments are especially glorious. If you've had some things not work out before, so what.

Your exact male opposite:
The 5-Night Stand

Deliberate Brutal Sex Master
On paper, most would name the Boy Next Door as their ideal mate. In the real world, however, you're often passed over for more dangerous or masculine men. You're the typical "nice guy:" without just a touch of cockiness, you're doomed with boys. A shoulder to cry on? Okay, sure. But never a penis to hold.

More than any other type, Boys Next Door evolve as they get older. As we said, many find true love, but some fail miserably in the search. These tarnished few grow up to be The Men Next Door, who are creepy as hell, offering backrubs to kids and what not.


CONSIDER: The Gentleman (DGLM), The Loverboy (RGLM)

Aelgtoer said...

Hahaha! Now why am I not surprised dear? Exactly as I predicted, direct opposites at that. :) Opposites do attract after all.

"...You're the typical "nice guy:" without just a touch of cockiness, you're doomed with boys. A shoulder to cry on? Okay, sure. But never a penis to hold..".

Hmmm never mind, you have mine to hold. Ha ha.:p