Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Say that again..

Sometimes, just sometimes, I think that peculiar archaic way in which we so often go about drafting our letters and the liberal usage of linguistic lingo detracts from our ability to converse in simple English.

We elucidate in twenty words what can be said in five and we embellish our conversations, sometimes unknowingly, to elaborate and substantiate the subject matter, because words are free and can be brandied about.

So we sometimes churn out particularly convoluted sentences, wonder why laymen don't get it and realise just how horribly strange it sounds when transposed into normal, simple English. As evidenced by an excerpt of a recent MSN conversation:

Yellow Grass: Yah, work never ends. It's like a torrential downpour of pleadings, letters and deadlines.

Zero Point: Hmm what's new. Tell me about it, 2 upcoming trials and work's a bitch. Any news about XX?

YG: Omg, that guy's fucking completely out of his mind...

YG: Wait, did I just say fucking completely?

ZP: Yep, haha new phrase. He's fucking completely out of his mind.. haha. Too much drafting eh.

YG: Argh probably. Brain fucked by work.

ZP: Lol.

So forgive us sometimes if you chance upon a conversation between two lawyers and scarcely comprehend a word. Chances are it's meant to confound, really.


wildgoose said...

Oh i so agree. what's with the archaic language? I think it's a conspiracy to keep lawyers well-fed. ;p

Aelgtoer said...

I don't know I think it's just so thoroughly inbuilt into our psyche, that and the notion that some clients still want 'lawyerly' letters.

Ha ha it's a sad conspiracy if you view it as one, we're paid less than half of what our compatriots are getting overseas. ^^

sinlady said...

wah - you guys got time for chat in your work day? not busy enuff! haha

wildgoose said...

your compatriots overseas probably has higher standard of living, and you're still better paid than most singaporeans. Not so sad lah. ;)