Monday, April 28, 2008

OpenOffice & Weddings

Tired of spending a bomb on all that expensive original software? Open source software, which is becoming increasingly sophisticated, is hassle free and surprisingly stable due in no small part to the fact that anyone can edit the source code, which contributes to its stability. And the best thing, naturally, is that it's free.

I'm a believer after having tried OpenOffice which is the free open source counterpart to the ubiquitous Microsoft Office, its pricy brother which is unfortunately neither free nor perfect. Plus, it's supported by a number of heavyweights in the IT industry like Sun Microsystems and IBM.

So rather then spending a sizeable $200+ on an authentic Microsoft Office or risking one's freedom on a bootleg version, the free, stable OpenOffice with all the similar programs was a very attractive alternative indeed. It comes with a t9 like text input which is still a little surreal but it remains a helpful little bugger.

And on an unrelated note, this delightful piece from Non Sequitur shows just why no one attends a lawyer's wedding. Well except maybe other lawyers.

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sinlady said...

good lawyer joke :)