Friday, April 25, 2008

最后一个大侠 1991 (Vintage SBC)

Oh my God!!!! Guess what popped up on youtube. It's that memorable vintage chinese swordfighting series back from 1991, when I was still in Primary 3. Along with the iconic slew of characters like the tranny 紫罗刹, the ice queen, a mask wearing general-turned-sect leader and their daughter with a penchant for shooting out copious amounts of toilet paper cloth yet never seems to run out of iu. And of course that silly but unforgettable theme song.

Ah the memories, of watching in wide eyed wonder, enthralled by the non-computerised special effects, mesmerized by the wickedly clawed Purple Killer fighting with the Ice Queen. Back when Chew Chor Meng was young and Zoe Tay was the only reigning queen. Enjoy.


ponytale said...

Wow... that's nostalgic ^^ The action sequences still look pretty good even now huh... I think it was shown around the same period as dong fang bu bai?

Aelgtoer said...

Yep think so. That was the period without all those spastic computer effects. sigh