Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cruising in peace.

You've probably encountered this before. It's late at night and you call a cab before leaving the office cause you're jolly well charging the client for whatever crap it is you needed to do for his/her file. And you're looking forward to catching a quick nap on the cab.

Then your taxi comes and the cabbie just won't shut up but persists in yakking continuously throughout the entire journey despite the blatantly obvious hints that you are not interested. It's infuriating.

It's even more so and downright vexing when the incessant verbal diahorrea consists mainly of ranting and raving against the new 'No stopping along the streets in the CBD' rule and venomous barbs about how the government and an individual in particular is "Fitting the Piigs" (his enunciation of 'feeding the pigs').

Which is his colorful metaphor for the numerous grouses he has. "Look at the cars parked at the side there! And cabs cannot stop huh! They Fitting the Piigss!" Taxi drivers like these piss me off no end. Hallo uncle, just fucking shut up and let me sleep in peace and get my money's worth. Even though the client does end up footing the $19.40 bill.

At least he finally shut up when i told him rather pointedly. "Uncle, I'm sorry I don't care. But I'm tired and I want to sleep." Whereupon he finally left me in peace. You'd have to be an absolute retard not to get that.

Trial today was amusing as usual, chock a block with amusing sound bites from the Judge as was expected. I don't remember seeing a witness squirm that visibly before.


wildgoose said...

heh... we've all met taxi drivers like that before. Sometimes, I just ignore them after a while.

Sounds like attending court is fun leh. :P Pardon my ignorance but so what does LA mean? is an LA a lawyer?

Aelgtoer said...

Ha ha, haven't we all? Though, it is quite hard to ignore one who rants incessantly in a strident grating voice with the magnitude of a foghorn.

Hmm attending court is fun? Well i suppose it can be. The preparation certainly isn't though .^^ And yep LA stands for Legal Associate. Who are full fledged lawyers, they just aren't Partners.

Suzie Wong said...

thank goodness i drive. But before i did, i remember once the rain was so heavy I had on a disposble rain coat (bought from watsons) AND an unbrella. A cab paced me and asked if I needed a ride (actually i was walking to a bus stop). I hopped on an he couldn't stop looking at me thru his back mirror saying how cute & 'poor thing" (pathetic?) I was to be in rain coat & umbrella....it was like huh???? I patronised him for a while and ignored him after a while!

good to hear u enjoy your work...no wonder legal fees so expensive :P

Aelgtoer said...

Ha ha he probably asked you on for the 'wrong' reasons! :P

Lol as for enjoying my work, ok la I'm certainly not dreading it, just hope I don't get burnt out or anything:P