Monday, October 1, 2007

Snack Attack 2.

There's a reason why I never liked just zoning out in front of the TV apart from the fact that it's scientifically proven that you burn less calories than other sedentary activities like reading. It's that worrisome yet irresistible urge to keep your hands and mouth occupied while the rest of the body zombifies, eyes glued to that one eyed monster. Which inevitably involves activity of the sort that adds to one's girth and facilitates further fixation of the butt on the couch.

Which is why I usually watch my anime on the laptop and attempt to spend more time in front of the comp instead of the one eyed- monster, snacking is doubly hard if one is worried about dropping bits of Lays all over the keyboard or sloshing juice over it. And when one is gaming, snacking is well nigh impossible, there's hardly even time to get a drink when on one of those momentous three hour long Strike Force missions. So actually, if you want to slim down, gaming is a pretty good bet, two weeks and you'll be svelte if not half-starved from the daily brunch of ham sandwich and lettuce and good ole water.

But sometimes, we get cravings and even though pregnant women get to get away with theirs, we're not immune to ours. And when it comes, you jolly well want whatever it is you crave, ridiculously rich or artery clogging fattening it may be. So today my sweet tooth acted up and I was feeling a little peckish for junk food in general. And since it's Children's Day which means You-Know-Who is at home, I put the weekly grocery trip to good use on her tab.

Even the Sister's Crabtree & Evelyn's All Butter cookies were not spared. Which on a totally unrelated note, I am astounded by how people will pay $20 for One tin of Butter cookies... who cares if it's hand made or made in England.. the classic Kjeldsens' butter cookies was like a quarter that price... The Milk & Honey Pocky which was imported from Japan and stocked at NTUC was the first to go. I have to admit, the Japanese are really ingenious in their different creations for confectionaries and snacks, if I stayed in Japan I'd be a lard ball by now.

The Lay kettle chips were excellent too, thick and crunchy and I just like my chips plain, sans the BBQ flavour or other increasingly exotic and strange offerings they have these days. There's just something so wonderfully addictive about chomping on potato chips, it's not only the flavour that entices, the texture and crunch keep you going for more till one's stuffed or the bag's empty. And it's usually the latter.

Which means I'll need to jog a whole lot more the coming few weeks just to burn off the extra gazillion calories gained in the recent snack fest. Otherwise, I'll really be able to sing along to Queen Latifah's Big, Blond & Beautiful. No qualms about the pig out session though, what's life if you don't indulge a little now and then. And no, don't tell me stuff like it'll be healthier. Balance baby, balance. As long as you make up for it exercise wise (or at least try very hard to) and don't let snacks replace your meals, it's fine.

Well the latter has never been a problem for me, I love my food, when I have it... Now excuse me, I hear the butter cookies calling.


Bazboi said...

so horrible dear...still snacking away. *spanks*

wildgoose said...

I love Kettle chips! Find their texture the best.
Now you're making me feel greedy.

Aelgtoer said...

dear: Hmm and I vaguely remember someone who used to have instant noodles before heading to bed. Who ah? ^^

Wildgoose: Heh I prefer Lay's cause it's so think but the kettle cooked chips are addictive. :) It's ok to be greedy once in a while. :P

sinlady said...

wah! this is beyond a snack man. This is a whole frigging meal. I love anything from Pepperidge Farm :)

Aelgtoer said...

Heh not all in one sitting la, even my stomach isn't that big. ^^ And yes, I love the Pepperidge Farm cookies, esp their chocolate chip ones.:)