Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All Hail the Butch.

I re-activated my City of Villains cum City of Heroes on the 16th of September 2007, now 21 days, 50 levels and hours of unadulterated fun later; Butchia the corruptor is finally at the magical level 50, complete with almost all of the targeted enhancement sets. And not unexpectedly, the two who got me back on the game have vanished off the CoV blip map as usual.

But the road to 50 this time was a lot faster and certainly a whole lot more enjoyable than the painful grind with Sister Spite was, for one game content now is a whole lot more dynamic, team play correspondingly more fun, the addition of unique enhancement sets made a whole load of difference and most importantly a great and rowdy coalition of villain supergroups that made teaming much more enjoyable.

Naturally, one learns from experience too which means always going for the greatest amount of experience (XP) by teaming with groups 2-3 levels higher than you running relentless missions with mobs 4-6 levels higher than your current one. Which always translates into superb xp. Forget the run of the mill groups, or the pansies running on the normal- mid difficulty missions. Then once level 45 was achieved, it basically resulted in an orgy of continual farm sessions with the groups in Grandville which basically saw Butchia powerlevelled from 45-50 in 2 days.

Presenting the 5 faces/aspects of the online persona which has so thoroughly occupied my time these past 3 weeks.

Butchia the Succubus. Like the lesbian version of Chucky the doll, she was complimented on her frightfulness, which was precisely the effect it was supposed to achieve.

Butchia the Hell rider. Decked out in punk motorbike attire, replete with tattered trench coat, mini skirt, tube top, spider stockings and rocket boots. The butch motorbike punk look remains a favourite.

Butchia the pseudo-Hero. An effort to make her look more human and 'approachable' which explains the typical 'Hero' kind of look, tacky colours with headwings. The end result, a slightly deranged looking 'hero'.

Butchia the Demon. Still my favourite outfit for her, this one nails the part totally and others have been quick to comment on this too. Burned wings, lithe and seductively sharp markings complete with horns, spiked tail and a head that blazes with fire, Butchia unleashes her full demonic potential when in this state.

The last and latest outfit, this one comes a close second. Butchia the Mecha Bitch. Lord Recluse made a good photo op. Having taken part in countless raids against the Rikti Mothership, she finally accumulated enough merits for the full Vanguard set, which looks rather nice in a robotic way. Toss in a pair of Tech Wings that happened to drop and the outfit is complete.

And of course, what's so great about looking good if you don't get any action?

Boom: Wrecking mayhem on the streets.

Boom: Rikti Mothership raid, smacking a Monster Rikti wielding a sword twice her size.

BOOM: Nova, that dazzlingly delicious devastating display of death. Guaranteed to astound.

So this means I'll have more time to focus on the upcoming plc stuff and the dreaded assignments which are coming up. Though then again perhaps not a lot more time, the coalition and villain group in particular wanted a dominator and the allure of a new Archetype is never hard to resist especially one as wickedly fun as a dom. So Icky Irene was born and got powerlevelled to 12 by the resident farm teams in an hour. Oh happy days.

Icky Irene: the new Plant/Psionic Dominator. Carnivorous vines, a Giant Venus Flytrap pet and the ability to rip enemies apart with psychic wails. Mmm.


Zero said...

Channel New’s Asia Get Rea! is doing a feature on the ODEX Saga for Episode 9. This episode will air next Monday on 15th October at 2030hrs Singapore time (that’s 8.30pm). The repeat telecast will be shown at 2330hrs.

Aelgtoer said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to catch it ^^.